Noah Beck Birthday Celebrations Are All The News On Social Media

Noah Beck is one of the fastest rising starts on the popular video-shaping app TikTok. Considering he opened a TikTok account only in 2020, this rise to fame is phenomenal. It’s not surprising that everyone’s talking about him. Go to any social media site and the buzz is all about this former soccer start. Everybody wants to know about Noah Beck height, his age, and all other facts about this intriguing and interesting personality.

Let’s talk about Noah Beck birthday celebrations

Noah Beck was born on May 4, 2001. He celebrated his 20th birthday this year with his girlfriend Dixie D’Amelia and other friends. Knowing how popular he is on social media, everybody went all out to wish him on various social media sites. The most messages he received were on Instagram. The wishes were both from loved ones, friends, soccer players and thousands of fans who had been waiting for Noah Beck birthday celebrations.

Noah Beck was gracious enough to acknowledge all wishes and went all out to make sure his fans knew he appreciated their birthday wishes. It’s these little things that make him the huge star that he is. Although, he did once say that he sometimes hesitates to look at his comments sections just in case somebody has something negative to say about him.

Noah Beck before his TikTok days

Interestingly, fame is nothing new to this superstar. Before Noah Beck gained international renown as a TikTok star, he was already a well-known soccer player. He played for the SC del Sol club soccer team in Phoenix, Arizona and for three years from 2014 to 2017 he was team captain in the U.S. Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program. His soccer skills caught the eye of several universities and he even got offered a full ride scholarship at the University of Portland.

He continued to play for his college team where he honed his skills even more. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic brought it all to a stop. What was initially considered to be just a couple of months turned out to be more than a year. Looking for something else to do, Noah Beck got onto TikTok and history was made.

Interesting facts about Noah Beck

Today, his fans want to know every little detail about him. If you’re one of Noah Beck’s fans looking for information on your favorite star, here’s what you should know. Noah Beck height is 5’11” (180cm) and his weight is 185lbs (84kg). Noah Beck birthday is May 4, 2001, which makes him just 20 years old. He was born in Arizona, US. He went to school and college in Arizona but is currently living in Los Angeles, California.

There’s no doubt that this kid has come a long way from home. This is not a success story that you hear of very often and considering his young age, it’s all the more inspiring. Despite his huge fame though, Noah Beck still admits he’s not used to it and does get overwhelmed at times. At the rate he’s going, he’s sure to get used to it soon.

Noah beck birthday celebrations were trending on almost social media outlets for a long term. It’s not surprising considering everybody wants to know everything about this TikTok superstar. Want to know more about Noah beck height and other details? Check out Elite Feet today.

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