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A Pain In Neck Is A Real Pain

Like most people on earth I too suffered from neck pain due to a car accident. The pain was unbearable that it made me to alter my position into a curved stance. Sudden and nasty accidents always have the habit of life changing due to pain it cause without any substitute.

Migraine Headache and Epidurals – Are They Connected?

I have received more than one communication from clients who have claimed that they received relief for their migraine headache by using my Migraine and Headache Relief program, where no other medication or remedy was able to help.

What Makes us Want to be Helathy

I’ve been planning on writing this article for some time but I just keep losing interest. OK, just kidding. But how many of you want to achieve something big or small and just dont seem to be able to get started?

Dementia ” Lack of Oxygen Can Take its Toll!

I recently had a client tell me that her mother had been diagnosed with high blood pressure. She encouraged her to try my High Blood Pressure program. Other treatment methods were difficult as they involved daily medication or other complicated steps and her mother suffered from dementia.

Oxygen and It’s Importance for Good Health

When wanting to lend support to someone after a negative experience a good quote to use would be “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.” However, in my line of work, this can be very mis-leading. I believe it would be more accurate to say, That which does not kill us right away, can still kill us in little ways, every day.