Oxygen and It’s Importance for Good Health

by Christian Goodman

When wanting to lend support to someone after a negative experience a good quote to use would be “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.” However, in my line of work, this can be very mis-leading. I believe it would be more accurate to say, That which does not kill us right away, can still kill us in little ways, every day.

That’s a bit dark for those who know me. The point I’m stressing is just because one hasn’t suffered a major trauma such as head injury, near drowning, stroke or heart attack, it doesn’t mean ones body is immune to oxygen deprivation.

Its generally accepted for each minute the brain goes without oxygen, there is a 10% increase damage caused. After 3-5 minutes however, ones chances of survival are greatly diminished.

It can also depend on the kind of injury. Someone who’s drowning is still getting some blood to the brain as compared to someone in a choke hold who is getting no blood. In a situation like that, death could occur within seconds because NO oxygen is getting to the brain.

Many factors can occur including environmental, which causes the body to deliver reduced and/or polluted oxygen to the brain and body. This isn’t generally accepted and the effects may not be immediate or even noticed at all at first.

Organs work together and when one of the major organs fails to operate at a proper level, all of the organs can suffer. Heart disease, known as the “silent killer” is an excellent example of this. Damage to the heart can occur for years before it is known, via chest pains, heart attack, etc.

If high blood pressure has caused the heart to enlarge, this has in turn, affected the muscle and it is more than likely that the heart isn’t pumping blood properly to the other organs, including the brain.

Sleep apnea could be another example. Mild sleep apnea or snoring can cause extreme tiredness and overeating ” due to the fact that the body will try to get its energy from somewhere. While moderate to severe apnea can definitely cause high blood pressure and other negative health issues.

Over time, this weight increase on its own can lead to heart disease, diabetes, and other health issues, and associated psychological issues.

Pollution is another example but a little scarier to me because barring any congenital or genetic health disorders, this is the one arena I feel I have the least control. While we may disagree to what extent our earth is being polluted, I don’t think anyone will disagree that pollution is occurring.

To my point above, the sun doesn’t have to be blocked and the earths population dwelling underground such as in certain sci-fi movies for there to be a very real adverse affect to our health caused by pollution.

Studies now abound that more cancers, viral infections and other diseases are occurring and not just due to population increase. This pollution affects the oxygen molecules being delivered to our brain and other vital organs.

I want you to consider my programs, before you decide that we are fated to ill health. They are all natural, safe and most importantly, these breathing and relaxation exercises work! I have had great success with the following programs which are aimed at delivering vital oxygen to the brain and body: High Blood Pressure, Alzheimers (coming soon!),Weight Loss Breeze, Migraine and Headache Relief, Vertigo and Dizziness and Stop Snoring.


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