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On the twisted pair, coaxial cable, optical fiber and use the difference – twist

Click to see more exciting information 1, coaxial cable Coaxial cable with cheaper, more convenient installation advantages (relative to the optical case), so, usually in small-scale monitoring system, due to close distance, use the coaxial cable directly monitor the images sent little damage to the image quality can meet the actual requirements. However, based on […]

HDTV: Rise of a large cluster – high-definition TV, digital TV – household appli

< BR> walked into the high-definition television in China during the era of high definition television All programs are beginning to change. Program producers are indeed walking in the forefront of this technological change, they have produced a considerable number of high-definition version of the TV series. <BR> "Before the ball game only to see […]

Cixi small household electrical appliance enterprises to find the road collapsed

< BR> Cixi male students in the visited Electric, General Manager, Zheng Jianjun said 2009 is the year full of hope and passion, hope and distributors work together to tide over the crisis, create a better future. This also is the voice of all the small household electrical appliance enterprises. <BR> "Life difficult", "lower profits", […]

Hood came 12 months: Scraping suction side shuffle start – range hood, range hoo

< BR> From the start to last season in August Now just one year in August, the 12-month, Chinese kitchen, like electricity and all the Chinese people has experienced Olympics Before the advent of the real estate economy gradually from the hot to cold, snow, earthquake, labor law new regulations, raw material prices, heavy rain […]

TCL also proposed age of the Internet service "new initiatives"-TCL, I

< BR> Flat Panel TV After-sales service "industry standards" introduced! Recently held in Huizhou, Guangdong Association of electronic video on a regular quarterly meeting, TCL, Konka , Hisense, Changhong, Skyworth, AUO, CMO and other business representatives together to achieve "flat panel TV service implementation of the Standards" ("the" standard ""), to "screen" and other major […]