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Chinese footwear manufacturers are no longer low-cost? – CRI-1001 Tester manufacturer

Dongguan is a manufacturing city in southern China, in the local footwear industry, the average monthly wage of 960 yuan. As one of Nike's largest contract factories, Yue Yuen Industrial is given is 1472 yuan monthly salary.     In a lot of companies are the problem of rising costs of headaches for the industry, this gap […]

China's steel prices of iron ore negotiations, the risk of further Japanese plot – iron ore price negotiations on iron ore – steel industry

As 2005 Iron ore Price agreement, as in this year's iron ore negotiations, China Steel Japanese companies were once again the "plot." 8 am Beijing time yesterday, the Brazilian CVRD (VALE) announced on its official website with Nippon Steel, Posco agreed benchmark price of iron ore in 2008, fine ore, the Southern ORE up 65%, […]