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Compaq – CRI-1001 Tester – 12PSB Test Bench

History 1980s Early Compaq logo. Compaq was founded in February 1982 by Rod Canion, Jim Harris and Bill Murto, three senior managers from semiconductor manufacturer Texas Instruments. Each invested $1,000 to form the company. Their first venture capital came from Ben Rosen and Sevin Rosen Funds. The original Compaq PC was first sketched out on […]

Chengdu Suning Appliance: Air Festival offers very real – Suning, air conditioni

Offer one: the oldest replacement for free   If you use an old air-conditioning, and is participating in this air-conditioned section of the 15 major brands, you are likely to become the oldest users of the brand. Organizing Committee will apply for each brand to find out who the earliest purchase of a (to purchase […]

Venture Capital: car audio industry where the dig "Gold" – Car Audio –

2010 will be the economic development of the new topic, capitalization and financing capabilities will become a major part to attract industry, after the economic momentum in the search, the car Electronic After all, this new energy into the people's perspective. However, the renovation of the industry to rely on equity to more than the […]

Appliance industry: white black look to see leading enterprise restructuring – t

Investment points Appliance industry in China to maintain stable growth in 2007, the overall better efficiency. Full year profit growth faster than revenue growth, while costs lower than the growth rate of sales revenue over the same period, resulting in thickening of sales profits. Air conditioning Manufacturing and sales of refrigeration appliances manufacturers significantly improve […]

Nowadays the most popular plastic surgery program – Beauty item – Medical Device

Plastic Beauty project, liposuction weight loss, chest Plastic , Face lift and eye plastic surgery has become popular. Plastic Surgery Hospital, Weifang Medical experts believe that with the acceptance of plastic surgery that significantly increased the number of people, on the other hand shows the safety of cosmetic surgery are gradually recognized by the public. […]