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Travelling to Russia

Whenever one decides to travel to a place it is simply not taking a train or a plane, reaching the place, staying there for a couple of days and then coming back again to home sweet home. It is not as simple as that for there are little formalities which need to be taken care […]

Fit and healthy all the way through

It is very important for us to stay fit throughout the year. With the pressure of the work increasing and the number of day to day activities going up in leaps and bounds there is always this constant pressure of being fit. An illness even for a day might prove harmful for your work. So […]

Perfecting the digital magic

We all love watching TV Commercials! The fun advertisements grab our attention while the more pedantic ones make us think. One cannot deny the fact, that whatever we see on television has an impact on our day to day activities. Little does anyone have an idea about the energy expended and the amount of hard […]

Modern Smart Phones With Dual Sim

Phones are the basic need for this time. It is a daily used an important device that we can’t imagine our life in absence of it, It is everything for us . In today life a cell phone is not only the thing which makes you communicate you and other, it has many new application […]

Paper Cup Design – Identification for The Business

You remember the quality wells coronate ice-cream, that was really yummy you identify that his different packaging and style. With his different designed this ice-cream attract everyone for buy it. Same like this for every product it is important to design and different packing style of it. This different design makes identity to your product […]