Travelling to Russia

Whenever one decides to travel to a place it is simply not taking a train or a plane, reaching the place, staying there for a couple of days and then coming back again to home sweet home. It is not as simple as that for there are little formalities which need to be taken care of and to do that a lot of information is required. We can help you out with that information and the process for completing the formalities if you are planning to take a trip to Russia. There are a few important things which you cannot forget and we make sure that you don’t. We provide you with practical step by step information which will make your trip hassle free.

Let’s start at the very beginning…

The first things that you will need when travelling to Russia are Russian visas. If you do not hold a visa with you then you will not be able to enter the country, be detained at the airport and then sent back to the place you came from. The entire concept of getting hold of a visa sounds rather tiring but if the instructions be followed carefully then the process will not be as difficult as it seems to be. We tell you exactly what to do so that you can make your Russian Visa Application. You can apply either for a business visa or a tourist visa to Russia. A few details will have to be filled out. Then we will send in your applications, if your other papers are in order and you will have to wait for a few days for the visa takes some time to arrive. We try to take the responsibility so that you do not have to worry about a single thing and in no time you will have in your hands your Russian visas.

Moving about the place

Once you reach this alien, tourist friendly country how do you move about the entire place? For that you need to book a few tickets, make reservations and most importantly get authentic information. This is again something which you can do through us! One of the most convenient ways to move about from one city to another, while enjoying the country side, are the Russian Trains. These are generally of three categories. One is the trains which is super fast and highly priced, reasonably priced and keeping pace are the express trains and last but not the least, convenient for every day travel is the regular train. Boom your tickets online depending on your choice and need. All the trains are well furnished and they are always true to time. Booking can be done online the information of which you will provide you. If you want to travel to or from St. Petersburg then you have the St Petersburg Helsinki Train. Another possible and really enjoyable ways of exploring St. Petersburg is by availing the St Petersburg Cru

ises. All the above mentioned conveyances are affordable as well as enjoyable for every tourist.

We like making your Russian Travel whether business or holiday less stressful and hence we provide you with the information and the ways to do so.

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