TCM is suitable than hysterectomy for patients with adenomyosis

It is said that woman won’t be a woman without uterus, so adenomyosis patients should think twice before choosing hysterectomy. Besides, Herbalist Lee also told us that Hysterectomy isn’t suitable for all adenomyosis patients. With this question, let’s take a look at Dr. Lee’s explanation.

First of all we should figure out what hysterectomy is. It is an operation that has pathologic Uterus removed. It is harmful to human being, by affecting the QI, resistance ability and immunity system. Moreover, this operation only is suitable for these women with large uterus who are old and have no will of reproduction. It is a final choice for adenomyosis patients.

As is known that uterus is an important organ to women, and Adenomyosis is a disease that only has benign nodules or masses growth in the myometrium, so if women have their uterus removed, not only infertility can be experienced, but also the painful intercourse, premature aging and other symptoms. Therefore, adenomyosis patients should take the severe degree of adenomyosis, age, health condition and pregnant will into consideration before choosing hysterectomy. Hysterectomy cannot be taken thoughtless.

fuyan pill is an excellent conservative treatment for these women with mild enlarged uterus who are till young and also have the will of conceiving.

adenomyosis mostly happens on reproductive women who are around the age of 40. It is harmful and brings many pressures to both mental and physical aspects. What’s more, it won’t heal by itself, so adenomyosis women must receive timely and properly treatment.

Fuyan pill, a natural treatment for adenomyosis, can cure this disease from the source, by promoting blood circulation, eliminating lumps, resolving hard lump and enhancing self-healing ability. This pill also can adjust endocrine,eliminate abdominal pain, menstrual cramps and heavy menstrual bleeding. Moreover, it also is a nonsurgical treatment with no pain and low relapse rate. Therefore, masses and nodules can be cleared radically.

Warning: although adenomyosis is a benign disease, a seres of diseases and symptoms also can be caused by left untreated adenomyosis. This disease also can develop into malignant type, so women not only have to keep treating but also should pay much attention to diet.

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