Greater chance in another market vertical industry innovation

Asus beginning in 2007 to build cloud software service WebStorage, formal independence ASUS cloud “company. Acer last year hit NT $ 100 billion acquisition of cloud technology company iGware. Recent positive action Lenovo has also shot Stoneware acquisition of a software company. All PC industry by throwing money at the acquisition of a software company’s actions are common to point to a target: the hope tied by software services brand loyalty, and enhance the value of their own hardware.

“The purpose is to allow more device developers can rely on ASUS platforms become more powerful influence,” WU Han Zhang, general manager of ASUS cloud that ASUS the cloud already open software platform to provide application developers to use the application programming interface from a , two of the SOHO to large enterprises, can be developed on the platform of the ASUS applications, these can enhance the value of a wide range of hardware. “The user experience will be a result of software services become more complete,” he said.

Greater chance in another market vertical industry innovation, “Managing Advantech He Chunsheng pointed out that the DNA of the nike free run 3 technology industry in Taiwan is difficult to create the pure software platforms such as Microsoft, but in a wide variety of hardware add-on software application, is absolutely key to enhance the value of the estate, so that business opportunities a huge trip beyond the PC range.

Advantech developed a new software interface on a mobile nursing carts and ear thermometers industry to add Bluetooth functionality, nurses measuring the ear temperature, you can transfer the data to the mobile nursing carts. The another system integration factory supernatural powers ITX will high-speed rail ticketing software system integrated into HTC smartphones, a conductor manpower passenger seat can be easily controlled through the phone small screen problem.

“Phone is not invented by Apple, but Apple Siri such innovative applications added on top of the value of a completely different,” He Chunsheng said. Enterprises must work harder to close to the market to understand the needs of the consumers, we can create many “micro-innovation”. Due to the lower cost threshold for software innovation, no big business can do, as long as the team of two or three young men nike free run 2, the government provides a number of venture capital, and then help those ideas and big business matchmaking, or extended to the global market, “immediately there is the possibility of putting down roots, “he stressed.

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