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In the reality society, if women with a healthy body and without bad habits, then she will be pregnant which rolls on with a life of its own. Actually, this case usually could not appear, because we used to ignore the hidden killers on your side. So here, I want to introduce you the health on the tip of tongue and what is the killer that cause the infertility.

Long-term of vegetarian diet can reduce female fertility ability

In recent years, vegetarian diet habits have becoming more and more popular, especially women with large torsos. They even form the vegetarian habits, and hope to achieve weight loss goals eventually. Admittedly, vegetarian can loss weight loss to some extent. However, a recent study confirmed that if women insist on vegetarian, their hormone secretion will be affected and sometimes even lead to infertility. At that time, western maybe a good way to solve it, but compared with it, the herbal medicine Fuyan pill with its perfect effect to adjust the hormone secretion can give you the unexpected result.

Among all the female fertility study, the Munich School’s conclusion is the most interesting. After a six-week observation, the researchers find that among the vegetarian women, 78% of them have the symptom of stopping ovulation. And all the people’s menstrual cycle is shorter than the normal one. However, in the normal diet group, 67% of women ovulate normally, and there is no significant change in their menstrual cycle.

Female fertility ability can also be affected by carotene
Carrots are rich in carotene, various vitamins and other nutrients that beneficial to humans. Gynecological experts in Lott Gisborne, found that after taking carrots, a large amount of carotene can be taken in by women. And after that, they will get the amenorrhea or normal ovulate function be inhibited. Therefore, carrot must be avoided by the childbearing women.

U.S. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences researchers make a survey on 104 women with pregnant requirement, and conclude that coffee has a direct impact on pregnancy. In these women, women who have more than a cup of coffee every day will only the half chance to get pregnant than the common one. Therefore, they proposed that women who plan to become pregnant should drink less coffee.

Sunflower seeds
Protein in sunflower seeds contains something that can suppress testicular, and cause testicular atrophy, which affects normal reproductive function. So the youth of childbearing age should not eat.

Research shows that alcohol’s main ingredient is ethanol. Alcohol can increase the catecholamine concentration in our body, and lead to the irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, no libido or ovulation stopping. At that time, fuyan pill’s function of promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis can play a better result.

Garlic can take away the vital essence of our body, especially for the people. Besides, it also holds a clear role to kill sperm. So young people who eat too much garlic during their childbearing age should pay attention, it has an adverse effect on fertility.

Some other food that benefit to the health and pregnancy

Zinc-rich foods
Plant foods are with higher zinc, and this kind of food contains beans, peanuts, millet, radish, cabbage and so on. While among animal foods, oyster is most rich in zinc. In addition, beef, chicken, eggs, lamb chops, pork are also included.

Animal offal
Animal offal contains higher amounts of cholesterol, and about 10% are adrenal hormones and sex hormones. So proper taking in these foods can enhance the sexual function.

Slip and sticky foods
According to the research, arginine is an essential component of sperm formation, and can enhance the sperm motility. It plays an important role in maintaining male reproductive system’s normal function. So the slip and sticky foods such as eel, sea cucumber, squid, and octopus and so on are all this kind of food.

Actually, health is important in our daily life and to keep health and to give birth to a baby are the obligatory thing for women friends. So pay attention to the food on the tip of tongue, you should always keep in your mind.

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