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Breaking into Journalism – A Personal Tale

Are you an aspiring journalist who is confused about how to break into the industry? Or a media professional who is wondering what else, apart from good writing skills, you need to make it big in the industry? Whatever is the case with you, you could be forgiven for feeling confused and direction-less about your […]

Current Scenario in Interactive Media Sector

Do you know interactive media combines art, design and technology? It’s a specialized field that employs artists, writers and creative thinkers who have advanced skills in digital storytelling, programming, graphics and visual designing. It is about understanding the aspects of human-media interaction; conceiving an ideology; and developing it into a program or application for information, […]

Going Back to College – Things You Should Consider

Learning is a lifelong process. And it certainly pays to build your skills portfolio and upgrade your resume. So, going back to the college is a great idea. However, it also comes with its own pros and cons. If you are also thinking about getting into a payroll management course to advance your career prospects, […]

What It Takes to Build a Career in Financial Industry ?

In general, if you are a persuasive, hard-working, analytical individual and have a special love for numbers and relish delving into finances of people and companies, you may be a good fit for financial services industry. Of course, this doesn’t deny the need for professional financial training. This only means that this may be an […]

Specializing in Payroll – It’s Never Too Late to Go Back to College

Payroll is a specialized discipline. You will most likely need to obtain professional certification or accreditation to work in this field. However, if you already are a working professional, this may be a difficult choice to make. Not because you don’t want to go for it but because you are not expected to get back […]