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Xiao Promoted car arrangements mothers during pregnancy pregnant women rest at home – car Xiao, household – Household products industry

It was reported that car Xiao Huayi actress, married in January this year, Shanxi's richest man, Li Zhaohui less than three months, now Ruyuan pregnant. The car knows as tocolysis, had to leave Beijing in the Ching Ming Festival, go to their husband's family – Shanxi's richest man, Li Zhaohui accomplishment of Shanxi home with […]

Ma On Shan machinery processing and manufacturing as a pillar industry of the industrial economy – HC Network Machine Tool Industry

Recent years, the city build a modern processing and manufacturing bases around the industrial economic development goals, focus on national industrial policies and development trend of domestic and industrial technology, outstanding technical transformation and innovation, to promote processing and manufacturing, including machinery industries, including optimization and upgrading of the five dominant industries and expansion. In […]

9 percent of essential medicines tender price is higher than the market price – price of drugs – the pharmaceutical industries

"0.75g each of Cephalosporin Furosemide Xinla, our purchase price of 1.68 yuan, the price sold to primary health care sector was 1.78 yuan, while in Essential Drugs List , The Government of the variety of drug actually reached the tender price of 8.85 yuan! "Yesterday, the private Medicine Logistics Jiuzhou Group Limited Chairman of the […]

3D feature a long way the future paths of projection-3D projection – Education Industry

2010 year for Projector Markets, 3D is absolutely essential is an important part. First, 3D film "Avatar," sweeping across the world, after "Alice in Wonderland" adjourned to the 3D movie craze, making the world launched a wave of 3D films, only the 2010 Hollywood film to be released on more than 10 3D film 3D […]

On the printing industry faces a crisis and the way out (apply super-environmentally friendly water-based ink available) – printing industry, printing paste – special screen printing industry

Feed Company: Shanghai Shen super screen printing material Co., Ltd. ( Enter shop ) Feed: Ding Shen Super General Manager Recent years, the continuous appreciation of Renminbi, the growing recession in the world economy, China's textile exports have been restricted, the price of EADS were mixed together with the community in recent years, especially in […]