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2010 year for Projector Markets, 3D is absolutely essential is an important part. First, 3D film "Avatar," sweeping across the world, after "Alice in Wonderland" adjourned to the 3D movie craze, making the world launched a wave of 3D films, only the 2010 Hollywood film to be released on more than 10 3D film 3D trend has been inevitable. Sources in the 3D film emerging today, as the most important one 3D display projector not to be left, since 2009

ViewSonic Released the world's first 3D projector ViewSonic PJD6210-3D has been the domestic 3D projector as the continuing mushrooming. China's projector market in 2009, 3D projector also be endless. ViewSonic, Sony, Panasonic, Mitsubishi,

Sharp , NEC, PD and so have many projector manufacturers have introduced a 3D function of the projector.

More than just hot 3D projector market, and now, the 3D display technology has become an irresistible trend. In early 2010, when, 3D word for "Avatar" made it to street race discussion. Then gathered a lot of

IT And home appliance industry giants CES2010, the world's largest consumer technology products are also completely fair "become a" term of 3D display

Technology The Challenge Game! 3D's popular level has been the continuation of the March 1 opening night of the 25th and Hannover

Communicate Technology Fair has become a 3D stage show.

In addition, the October 1, 2009,

Sony Group announced plans to develop a single-lens 3D camera technology, capable of 240fps recording natural smooth 3D images, and even the sports scene in the fast moving objects. The technology combines the single-lens 3D photography capture the newly developed simultaneous left and right images of the optical system, and existing high frame rate (highframe rate) recording technology to achieve 240fps 3D photography.

2009 12 4, Sony Group and FIFA FIFA announced that the two 2010 FIFA World Cup in the use of 3D technology. FIFA FIFA will launch the first ever FIFA World Cup 3D's. 2010 FIFA World Cup will have 25-plus games will use Sony's 3D Professional

Video camera To photograph the event did not previously have the depth, vitality and passion to people around the world broadcast. FIFA World Cup by the passion and Sony, the integration of 3D technology and products, Sony Group and FIFA FIFA World Cup will deliver a global audience of energy and emotion.

Single-lens 3D photography and 3D in 2010 the first World Cup appearance, no doubt universal access to 3D technology, paving the way forward. Can imagine that, how 2010 is a gorgeous 3D event. However, this will be behind the lavish and elaborate, 3D displays are also gradually being less well known.

3D technologies, even dating back to 1903, scientists found that "parallax to create three-dimensional" principle. Even so, after a 100 years of development, 3D technology was in 2009 a thorough well-known to the world.

Been to the cinema watched "Avatar" who should know, watch the movie need to wear a special polarizer. 3D movies are shot with two different directions at the same time from two images taken under the scene, made of footage. In the show, with two projector to simultaneously show two films, so this slight difference in the two images overlap on the screen. Directly with the eyes then watch to see the picture is ghosting. When the wear special 3D glasses (actually a polarized glasses), the left eye can only see the left image, right eye can only see the right image, through the eyes of aggregation to the left and right like a stack and in the fundus on the brain produced by the three-dimensional visual effect. This is the principle of three-dimensional movies. It should be the case, 3D film for many people to not be much visual enjoyment, as some people watching 3D movie there after the eye dryness, pain, blurred vision, or dizziness, nausea, vomiting, headache, etc. symptoms. While before, "Avatar" has been very popular, as China's Xiao Bian Dao Shi projection net admiration for a long time, but long-lost trip to the glimpse of a landmark epic style. Will be heard until March 14 when the subsolar file, Xiao Bian was determined to watch the this huge theater system. Be the last train to catch up with the 3D, the real experience of a 3D effect.

"Avatar" in addition to the Xiaobian tremendous shock, the same has also given me a lot of pain. Video in real scene reconstruction, new plants and animals, beautiful scenery, etc., are all to Xiaobian left a deep impression. Among them are the most exciting Xiao Bian, all the characters, scenes, like really like just around the corner, and some shots let Xiaobian real integration into the. In the film, humanity and beauty first large-scale confrontation is satisfied when the man threw tear gas towards Xiaobian toward the over, kicking up clouds Xiaobian unconscious to the edge of the flash is, indeed, will Xiaobian shocked. This is the real feeling is not normal movies. However, in the same time excited, Xiao Bian also fully appreciate the pain of watching 3D movies. As Xiao Bian already brought a pair of glasses, then wear it when watching 3D movie brought after the polarization microscope, very uncomfortable. This is the first point, a point which has been plagued Xiao Bian, until the film ends. The entire film 160 minutes, Xiao Bian basically boosting the two glasses have been hand-feeling, or tiring of. Also, wear polarized lenses for some time, there is a pressure in the eye very uncomfortable, but after wearing for some time to adapt to the. Moreover, even if wearing glasses, video gives the impression there is no clear 2D or slight ghosting. Xiao Bian asked these two go with friends, friends that do have such a feeling. Therefore, 3D movies a more prominent issue is, who will be watching more or less discomfort, this will reduce the audience to some extent, the film's favor.

The same as the myopia of the audience, watching 3D movies may be deeper trouble caused. Also put on two pairs of glasses, or rather people uncomfortable. Although it is already naked eye in the development of 3D technology, but the current 3D technology based on naked eye products are still in the experimental stage, is still some distance away from the formal market.

Although 3D does indeed bring us a new feeling, but in terms of the current technology, 3D still much to be desired. The current popular largely because people curious about new things. When this fresh loss, people will see more of their deficiency

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