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Prospects For Gpon Technology

1, GPON technology features   GPON for the FSAN (Full Service Access Network) and since the late 90’s the latest development of broadband PON standards, the ITU formally recognized in 2004 as ITU-TG.984 standard. GPON system consists of the core node or sink node is located in the central office OLT equipment room and at […]

On The Digital Printing And Digital Printing Technology Core

As technology advances and the popularity of computer and Internet technology, we believe that more traditional service industries in the printing industry, launched a wave of digitization and digital process through which the core technology in the CTP technology to achieve the printing Digital Management of the process. HC screen Special Indian network Here we […]

Among The Top Ten Stories Of Cable: Moving Steadily Double Award And May Be!

With the May 6 voting deadline approaches, 2008 Security Top Ten brand selection in the first round of voting has been drawing to a close, election Enterprise Finalists have to do everything for their votes, their intensity comparable to the “Super Girl”, “fast men” of the vote. In these crucial days HC Network Security timely […]

59th Session Of The Teaching Equipment Exhibition Debut Of Ningbo Wanli

April 26, 2010 to 30 by the China Educational Instrument & Equipment Association, Yiwu, Zhejiang Provincial Education Department and the Municipal Government of The 59th China Teaching Equipment Exhibition In Yiwu International Expo Center. The full display of domestic and international educational technology show the latest achievements of exhibitors, booth number to achieve new breakthroughs […]

Samsung’s Full Touch Screen Mobile Phone Sales Of More Than 50 Million

Recent news Samsung Electronic This month the world-wide touch screen Mobile Total sales broke through 50 million mark, a figure that Samsung in this fast growing market leadership. At the end of November this year, Samsung has sold about 40 million full touch screen mobile phone, compared to same period in 2008, this figure was […]