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Three Giant Home Appliance Retailers In Chongqing Waged With Full Advance

Rumor Appliance Retail Dazhong Electronics giant will enter the issue of Chongqing, has been confirmed. I learned from the large and medium headquarters, according to its expansion in 2005 Planning Chongqing is the target medium and large electrical appliances market, will seek to open in August this year. Thus, States United States , Dazhong Suning […]

Abandon The Price War Between Home Appliance Chain Management To Find Solutions

The rapid expansion, Home Appliances Chains start price war aside, differences began operations, in order to further capture the market. NO1: differences in management as the only way Suning Proposed a “5S” services, that Selection (Selection selection), Saving (peace of mind to save money), Service (aftermarket worry), Solution (total solution) and Satisfaction (satisfaction with experience). […]

Suning Electric To Buy National Day Event Today At No Cost To Decrypt

National Day to Suning Buy electrical appliances, at no cost? The appetite for a full suspension of all four days of shopping suspense, and finally today (September 28) Suning the newspaper were unveiled wide publicity. Promotion of this magnitude often require costly investments in factories enough resources, strong logistics and distribution, improve the service system, […]

Heaters, Clothes Dryers To Meet The Cold Wet Weather To Sell Out Of Stock

This year’s winter was extremely cold in an array of shopping malls there are two kinds of small household electrical appliances stand out, unlimited scenery. One is the heating of the heater, one is drying clothes dryer. The rainy weather continued cold and wet just so that they came in handy. The most tense, two […]

Home Appliance Chain “enclosure” More “crazy”

States United States 8 to 10 this year to open stores Suning Will be expanded to nine stores, appliance stores in Nantong city will reach 10 this year may come home “Enclosure” is close to “crazy” Circle in the home appliance chain, the number one country the United States is no one dare not underestimate […]