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Fuyan pill, herbal medicine to hydrosalpinx and tubal blockage

What are Fallopian Tubes? Evert woman has two fallopian tubes. But what is fallopian tube? Fallopian tube is a tube like a bridge between ovary and uterus that used to transport sperm and fertilized egg. Thus, fallopian tubes are important organs for women, because if women have no fallopian tubes, there is no chance for […]

If you do not proper use of condom, the cervical erosion then follow you

Although condom can isolate the bacteria, but in order to achieve the effect of keeping the lubrication effect, there is usually some oil on the surface of condom. The mineral oil, which can not easy to break down by itself, is difficult to be cleaned inside the vagina. So when it is left in the […]

Endometrial hyperplasia occurs after menopause should be paid more attention

Nowadays, many middle-aged women go with the question that: if it needs to be treated when the endometrial hyperplasia occurred after menopause. In order to give an authoritative answer, we ask Wuhan Dr. Lee for a special purpose. Dr. Lee said that´╝Üendometrial hyperplasia after menopause is no need to worry about and also does not […]

Pure herb to treat fluid in the fimbriae of uterine tube

Recently, some patient makes a consultation of the fluid in the fimbriae of left uterine tube. Actually, it is a common gynecological disease. As we all know, tubal plays a key role in the reproductive process, so once there are some fluids exists, the fertility ability will be directly impacted. In this case, the pure […]

What Methods Can Help Pregnant Mothers Prevent Insomnia

Sometimes, pregnant women have insomnia phenomenon. If they cannot do preventive care well, their insomnia will be more and more serious, which will impact the health of the fetus. Normal pregnant women may do a variety of maternal health care at home; however, if this maternal health care has been done badly, this will lead […]