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Jordan Wirsz To Be Featured On Brawlcall With Jay Adams

You might wonder how a businessman, philanthropist, and self-improvement guru has ended up catching the attention of Jay Adams.  It is simply because Jordan Wirsz has “The Heart of a Fighter”, which is the title of the segment in which he will appear on Adams’ Brawl Call this December. Jordan Wirsz is one man that […]

Feasible Tool For Press Release Distribution

Press release submission and distribution take place as soon as the release is ready. But after such, what happens next? If the article is interesting and valuable enough to be given attention, then the media will come up with something to publicize it.

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) for Spreety TV Online Search

Spreety TV Online announces a fun way to integrate online TV with your web site. Los Angeles, When Microsoft architected Windows Communication Foundation, little did they knowit would be this much fun. The flexibility of WCF enabled Spreety TV Online to cost effectively implement the Open Spreety project. Spreety tracks the legal places to watch […]

Integrate Online TV Links with Your Web Site, Powered By Open Spreety

Spreety TV Online announces an easy way to integrate online TV with your web site. Los Angeles, CA Wouldn’t it be great if most web sites included relevant links to TV shows online? Now there is an easy way to add legal links to top TV shows with Spreety TV Online. Spreety TV Online is […]

PPM Offering Basics: A Must Read If You Are Raising Capital

Are you a business owner raising capital with a Regulation D Rule exemption (504, 505 or 506) also referred to as a Private Placement Memorandum, PPM or Offering Memorandum? If you are using this mechanism to raise capital then you’ll, no doubt, have to have a solid comprehension of the most distinct and important part of the Private Placement Memorandum referred to as the ‘Offering Circular’.