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Accounting program addresses financial needs of the Aboriginal Community

Centennial College creates an inclusive environment for a diverse population like Toronto. It sees the needs of students and helps them achieve success in various fields. One of the most in-demand professions at the moment is in Accounting. Centennial College’s accounting courses in Toronto were enhanced to add a different route to serve the Aboriginal […]

Chef training cooks up culinary skills ready for the job market

Unleash your inner artist and get inspired by the food culture. Explore new horizons, learn about the chef profession and food service industry, and invent new and unique recipes and cooking techniques. All of these and more are offered in an ultimate chef training Toronto offers at its local school, Centennial College. The Culinary Skills […]

Community Colleges Offer Distinct Benefits

Community colleges offer an approach to post-secondary education that is quite different from that of a university education. Some of the biggest differences include lower tuition, smaller class sizes, a focus on practical application of theory and shorter study periods. Each of the community colleges in Ontario has its specialty and own reputation. Here is […]

College Courses By The Type

While there are many benefits to attending college courses rather than taking the university route, some of the most often mentioned include small class sizes, a balance between theory and practice of that theory and the opportunity to test out knowledge prior to graduation through an experience in the field. At Centennial College, students — […]

Centennial College offers a wide range of College Programs

Centennial College offers college courses that are catered to suit the different needs of its student population. Are you a mature student looking to fast track your education? Centennial College has college courses to help you do so. Are you unsure whether college is even for you? Centennial College’s prep college courses are for that […]