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Campus crimes

  In all crimes, the crime which breaks one’s heart most is the campus crimes. In recent years, along with the social development, the violence crime on campus in colleges and high school has been becoming more and more serious, and it has brought great pressure on families and society. But why the crime rates is […]

How to Write Assignments: Boosting Progress

Admit it; school would be weird without assignments. Whether it’s your favourite subject, or hated one, assignments will always complement the lectures you get. In perspective, assignments will always accompany students no matter what level of education they progress, regardless of fields. Thus, it is no surprise that every student know how to write assignments. […]

Distance Learning with Two Alternative Education Options

Did you know that getting an education today or continuing your education doesn’t necessarily mean that you must head to a post-secondary campus and attend lectures? Learners today are connected to classrooms via Distance Learning. Although this method of obtaining credentials has been around for quite some time, today it has mostly gone high-tech with […]

The Value of Writing a Good Personal Statement

According to the latest data released by the Universities and Colleges Admission Service, the number of applicants seeking to study their preferred courses in their chosen higher education schools in the United Kingdom was almost around 600,000 individuals, as of May 21, 2012. Although this figure is 7.7 percent lower than the number of college […]

Degree Programs at College Level Offer Multiple Benefits

Did you know that degree programs aren’t just offered at university? Some post-secondary institutions offer college programs that allow students to graduate with university-level credentials. Centennial College is one of those schools, as it offers degree programs that take four years to complete. Attending a degree program at college level can be advantageous as it […]