The Value of Writing a Good Personal Statement

According to the latest data released by the Universities and Colleges Admission Service, the number of applicants seeking to study their preferred courses in their chosen higher education schools in the United Kingdom was almost around 600,000 individuals, as of May 21, 2012. Although this figure is 7.7 percent lower than the number of college applicants who submitted applications to the UCAS a year ago, this mirrors the interest of many young individuals to pursue a path that would allow them specific knowledge and skills they could beneficially use in the future. But whether an applicant would be offered the course he applied for depends on how well went on his personal statement writing.

Writing a personal statement is like composing a persuasive essay, in which the writer aims to convince the reader to move into action. As a matter of fact, a personal statement is an essay per se; it is also known or called as personal essay, admission essay or application essay. It is safe to say, that a personal statement is good example of a persuasive essay. When an applicant composes his personal statement, his aim is to move the admission tutors of his chosen university or college to offer him a slot on their offered course. To do that, the applicant must be able to show in his personal statement that he stands out from the rest of the applicants.

When the applicant, as the writer, starts his personal statement writing, he should well consider the things that could persuade admission tutors, as readers. One of these things is his intrinsic interest and understanding of the course. In his personal statement, the writer must clearly show that reasons why he chose to study the course and he knows what it takes to succeed on the field. Also, the applicant must show that he is suitable to study the course and that he has what it takes to succeed on the course.

Sad to say, not all of these applicants will be offered to study their preferred courses at their chosen universities and colleges. A number of them would fail to convince admission tutors of their chosen universities and colleges that they are deserving and suitable to become a part of the academe as future students. Personal statement writing is not only about writing an ordinary essay, but composing something that could change a college applicant’s future.


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