What Watch Angelina Jolie Wears?

Recently, the most beautiful actress on this planet Angelina Jolie was spotted wearing a nice looking watch on not a few occasions. And I have been very curious about what exactly the watch is. And today my good friend Mike who works for a fashion magazine revealed the secret for me. I own a thank […]

Tiffany & Co. Double-cased Gemea Lady Wristwatch

Referring to Tiffany & Co, I think most people must hear of its name. It is a world prestigious jewelry house as well as a luxury watch manufacturer. It was created in 1837 with the first production of silverwares and later quickly developed into a renowned jeweler. Now, it has become a luxury house of […]

Comparison Among Different Materials of Watch Straps

Watches play a very important role in people’s daily life. With the rapid development of the society and high technology, in addition to recording time, watches also have other important functions such as decoration, symbol of social statue. Besides paying great attention to the functions and the whole shape, watch straps are also crucial. Though […]

The Reason of My Preference For Jewelry

All girls are crazy for those beautiful and shinning things! With a dazzling appearance, jewelry embodies an elegant and luxurious feeling. Not only a symbol of fortune but also a symbol of beauty, jewelry always makes people crazy for it. I love jewelry because of its emotional value. Maybe somebody would suspect that I am […]

Jewelry is a Powerful Weapon of Beauty

Every woman is familiar with jewelry, and jewelry can be seen everywhere in the daily life. As for the role of the jewelry, people’s opinions are different, some people think that jewelry is unnecessary, indeed, people can live and work normally without wearing any jewelry, while women do not think so, especially the women who […]