WordPress ShoppingCart – WP ECommerce Themes

The WP e-Commerce plugin (WPEC) comes with three WPEC themes: the Default theme, the iShop theme plus the Marketplace theme. You’ll be able to pick the WPEC theme you would like by navigating to Retailer panel and Settings sub-panel under the Presentation tab beneath ‘Select Theme’.

WPEC themes aren’t the very same as WordPress Themes. You can edit the WordPress theme files with the editor under the Appearance panel but the WPEC themes are edited using the editor under the Plug-ins panel. WordPress themes are located in the /wp-content/themes/ folder on the server whilst the WP e-Commerce themes are initially installed at /wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/themes folder. This folder is fine except for 1 issue. Whenever you update WPEC using the automated updater it’ll get rid of this plug-in directory and replace it having a new directory with the latest Plug-in files. For those who have customized any of the WPECe theme files then you’ll lose all of those changes.

To stop this from occurring you’ll should move these WPEC theme files to a safe location. Fortunately this is an easy process and could be performed having a couple of clicks. Navigate to Retailer >> SETTINGS >> PRESENTATION. On the best can be a box titled THEME CUSTOMIZATION. Click on the MOVE YOUR FILES link and this will move the Store THEME files to a new location in the uploads folder.

Following the WPEC files have been safely moved to the new location at /wp-content/uploads/wpsc/themes, you may make any alter to the theme files from this new location and they’ll be secure from any future updates. After you move these WPEC theme files to this new location you may should edit them outside the WordPress environment. The new location isn’t accessible for editing using the WordPress plug-in editor. You are able to nonetheless edit all of the other WPEC files with this editor.

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