How Old Is Noah Beck & Why Is He Famous On TikTok?

Noah Beck is all the rage on TikTok. Almost everybody who has an account on TikTok is sure to have heard about this soccer player turned social media superstar. That too, it seems to have happened almost overnight.

Others who are on other social media platforms have also heard about this famous TikToker but they aren’t very sure about who exactly Noah Beck is or why he is so famous on TikTok. Once they hear about him, lots of other questions follow including ‘how old is Noah Beck’ or how ‘tall is Noah Beck’. It’s not surprising that these are the two most asked questions about this famous social medial personality. To achieve this level of fame at his young age is an achievement that many people hope to attain.

Noah Beck’s 20th birthday celebrations made the news in May 2021

For everyone asking how old is Noah Beck, well, he turned 20 years old on May 4, 2021 and this year his birthday celebration was vastly different from last year. This year his 28.9 million followers on social media went to great lengths to celebrate their idol’s birthday with creative birthday wishes and a few even creating personalized cakes. His Instagram feed was just flooded with birthday wishes from friends and fans alike.

While Noah Beck celebrated his special day with girlfriend Dixie D’Amelia and other close friends, he did take time to thank all his fans for their birthday greetings. Unlike so many other young celebrities who become famous overnight and can’t be bothered to acknowledge their fans, Noah Beck makes sure he takes time to tell his fans how special he things they are. Despite his young age, he is surprisingly grounded, which is what makes him even more endearing to fans of all ages.

Why Is Noah Beck Famous On TikTok?

What’s interesting to know is that before Noah Beck become a TikTok sensation, he was in fact a soccer player back in the state of Arizona. He played soccer in various capacities during his junior and senior years of high school and then as a captain for the U.S. Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program in Arizona from 2014 to 2017. His talent and skills in the game were soon recognized and in 2019, he was recruited by the University of Portland in Oregon. Unfortunately the coronavirus pandemic and its ‘stay-at-home’ protocols brought that stint to an early end.

Stuck at home, he thought he’d pass his time on social media. After exploring various social media platforms, he experimented on TikTok and that took off immediately. He definitely seems to have discovered the secret to success on this video platform with all of this videos going viral.

What are his videos about? Really, they are an interesting mix. In this TikTok feed you’ll find a mixed bunch of videos with Noah Beck dancing, jamming up with others, performing in off-the-cuff skits and just being immensely interesting, which is evident from his huge following. His tall frame and lithe figure are just right for the types of videos he publishes. For those asking how tall is Noah Beck, he is 5 feet11 inches tall.

Fans who enjoy Noah Beck’s videos on TikTok always want to know more about how old is Noah Beck or how tall is Noah Beck. To know more about this famous TikTok personality, go to Elite Fleet.

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