Noah Beck Height: Everything Fans Want To Know About This TikTok Superstar

‘What is Noah Beck’s height?’ is a question that everyone is asking about this TikTok celebrity. Another much-asked question is about Noah Beck’s net worth. It’s not surprising that everyone’s so curious about him. This 20-year old shot to fame overnight and has achieved a lot in his young life. He is truly an inspiration for youngsters looking for a role model to emulate.

Who is Noah Beck?

Noah Beck is a TikTok superstar, in fact a social media star. At the time of writing Noah Beck’s net worth is an estimated $5million. Like every success story that has the “moment.” His first few videos caught the attention of TikTok viewers and soon his follower base grew to 23 million in TikTok alone. In addition he has more followers on other social media platforms too.

Life before social media success

Before his launch into fame and fortune, Noah Beck was a high school football success and achieved accolades playing at Salt Lake Academy, where he dedicatedly lead his team players to regional championship. He played a total of 14 games and scored four goals in 2019. He was a team captain while playing with the state team ODP.

He is the youngest in a family of five constituting his mum, dad, and two older sisters, Tatum and Haley. Although he hardly featured his family in his social media page, from the interactions and how he speaks about them, it is obvious he comes from a loving family that cares about him.

Life on social media

After exploding into fame on TikTok, he extended his talent to other social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. So far he has 7.8million followers on Instagram, 23million on TikTok, 2million on Youtube, and 800k on twitter. He features his lifestyle, comedy, and fitness content on his profile.

Noah Beck’s net worth and how it grew

Noah Beck’s net worth of $500,000 is a result of his many endorsements. With his huge fan following, it’s no wonder that big brands are queueing up to sign this TikTok star to promote their products. So far he has represented mainly items related to health, fitness and lifestyle. His choices have made him an ideal role model for youth not just in his home country but around the world.

Noah Beck’s height and other fun facts

He was born in Arizona, USA on May 4, 2001 and turned 20 this year. His fans went all out to celebrate their idol’s birthday.
Noah Beck’s height is 5’11” and he weighs 185lbs. Despite the fact that he no longer plays soccer actively he makes sure to stay in peak shape with other activities.

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