Knowing the Significance of a Communion Plate

Most believers hold the first communion as important; of course, equally important would be all the paraphernalia that it has, including the dresses, the gifts, the communion plate and other things. More often than not, children today go through their first communion at the age of seven or eight.

This is actually a special moment in the spiritual life of your child; hence it should be shared with family and friends.

Before we delve deeper, let’s take a look at the history of the communion and how it came to be regarded as an important part of a Christian’s life.

It is essential to understand what a communion is. The Holy Communion is a holy rite of the Christian faith.

In a Communion celebration, bread and wine are consecrated by a priest or minister and then they are given to the rest of the congregation.

With the bread and wine, the blood as well as the body of Christ is represented. As it is broken, this marks the sacrifice Christ suffered. This same bread is then placed on the Communion plate. It is dipped in the wine, that represents the blood of Christ, and given to the rest of the church congregation.

Paten is the name given to the communion plate that holds the sacred bread of Christ. Before, in ancient times, an actual, ordinary plate was used to hold the real bread that represented the body of Christ.

Using an ordinary communion plate continued until the Middle Ages when the wafer that was used was still a bit larger compares to the ones we use today.

In normal Communion services, the communion plate is one the most important tools that are used when someone is have their first communion.

If you are a person that is celebrating their first Communion, you might want to help them celebrate this event by giving them a special gift. You can use these tips in deciding for the right gift.

A first communion gift is special since a communion is a spiritual event. Since this is a spiritual event, it would be appropriate to give a gift that was also spiritual in nature. Some of it would include Bible, rosaries, religious jewelry and even dresses.

You can buy first communion gifts at Christian stores. They usually carry plenty of accessories and gift items that would be perfect for the occasion. You can go to an actual store or check out the stores online.

If you are planning a gift for little girls, some of the most popular would be dolls, angel pendants, bracelets, prayer beads, watches, necklaces and even photo frames. You can get pretty much the same things except for the jewelry and dolls.

Since it has a spiritual nature, you can expect to get the actual gift ideas from the store themselves, whether you buy online or offline.

Because technology has greatly improved, it is now possible to actually get a customized gift for the person celebrating the Communion. You can make their gifts extra special.

If you shop online, you can even have the gift delivered and gift wrapped ahead of time. They will then send it to the location or home of the recipient, depending on where you specify.

A person’s first communion is a special event. With everything that’s needed, from the gifts, the bread, the wine, the communion plate; everything contributes to making this event a very special one.

Written by Tina, checkout electronic bible and pig bowl.

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