The Significance of Communion Cups

For the ordinary layman hearing about communion cups, the first thing that comes to mind is Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Popular culture has depicted some of the most significant religious artifacts in a very unorthodox manner, but the good thing is that it helps ordinary people to get acquainted with these religious items.

In the movie, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Indiana is hunting for what people revere as the ultimate communion cup, the Holy Grail.

In some literary works, the Holy Grail is not taken to just mean the cup that Christ had used, but also the dish as well as plate that Christ had used as well in the Last Supper that he had with his disciples.

However, over the centuries, the Holy Grail came to stand for the cup that Jesus used and what we now call the communion cup.

Of course, the use of communion cups varies all over the world. Many cups are made of different kinds of materials depending on the country and the people celebrating it. For example, some of the Christian peasants in Mexico created a communion cup from baked clay while some Christian Palestinians created one from olive wood.

As an example, the Christian peasants that are from Mexico create cups using baked clay while Christian Palestinians create cups with the use of olive wood.

Nowadays, we have come a long way from glass communion cups that the church used. Most churches now prefer to use plastic ones.

Communion cups have had a long history. From the Holy Grail to the silver chalices used by the Egyptians and Sumerians to the plastic communion cups we use today. They are all significant for the people that use them in their practice.

As mentioned, the Holy Grail or Chalice is celebrated as one of the most sacred vessels in the Church and it is often blessed prior to using it.

History is somewhat intertwined in the use of communion cups; from the Egyptians using their silver cups to the plastic cups that are used in today’s churches. They are definitely essential pieces of tools that people use in their practices and beliefs.

The chalice or a symbolized form for the Holy Grail is definitely a major part of the church. In fact, for some churches, they are often blessed before they are used.

Even though the cup in the Last Supper was hardly mentioned, people still gave it plenty of significance and uphold it as a sacred item. Another cup was also revered by Pilgrims in Jerusalem which was supposedly stored in the Holy Sepulcher.

This is thought to be the cup that was used by Christ in his crucifixion in Calvary and still supposedly contains that sponge that he used. This is of course, different from the cup and tradition surrounding the cup from the Last Supper.

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