Three Big Enemies of Rolex Watches

Oyster Perpetual men wrist watch

No matter how expensive the price of Rolex Watches is, how good the performance and function of the watch is, no matter how high-tech watch movement has been, ensuring accurate time is always the fundamental responsibility of a good watch. The watch hasn’t long life or is easy to appear breakdown, a large part of the reason is the result caused by improper maintenance, and it must get rid of a few bad habits that affect the watch life.

No 1. Waterproof

Many people think that a good Rolex Oyster Perpetual should be waterproof. Swiss people are a different understanding with the world. Most waterproof watch is for 30 meters or 50 meters. This means that many people think that their watches can be placed in their corresponding depth of the water with no problems. Wrong! 30 meters or 50 meters in the Swiss watch waterproof dictionary means daily life waterproof. Its true meaning is: Try not to wet your watch. Only when the watch with the waterproof 100 meters mark can put into the water, the Rolex Air King watch can give away water. Actually the real swimming watch often requires more than 200 meters of the waterproof level.

No 2. Temperature

I’ve seen some people wearing a diving watch to sauna. Sauna temperature is much higher than outdoor normal temperature. The instant temperature change will result in the waterproof gasket premature aging. Even the dive Rolex Day Date ii watches, they may also lose waterproof function before the regular time.

No 3. Dust

Dust seems to us there is no significant relationship with Replica Watches. For the movement itself, one of its three enemies: dust. Prolonged exposure in dust-intensive areas will naturally lead to the dust in into the cracks of the watch. Moreover, the dust increase will tend to the oil of movement dried up faster. This situation is undoubtedly a bad thing for watch movement. Of course, the daily exposure to high-density dust for long time had little chance, but put a piece of cloth to wipe Replicas Rolex regularly, which is still quite useful thing.

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