Private School Education Available in Boston MA for Pre-Kindergarten thru High School Students

Parents have long had to make the decision whether to send their children to a private or public school. They each offer different benefits and drawbacks for you to consider. This article will discuss some of these different types of schools.

Classical Christian

There are various private high schools in the Boston area that are Classical Christian. These schools teach a traditional curriculum including math, science, and language. However, they also focus on religious teachings like Catholic and Evangelical.


Elementary and middle schools in the Boston area can also adopt the Montessori method of education. They differ from traditional teaching methods in that children are encouraged to learn on their own. Children are taught this method until they are old enough to start high school.


Some private high schools in the Boston area also use the Waldorf method of teaching. The method, which is considered alternative much like the Montessori method, teaches based on an approach by Rudolf Steiner. It focuses on a curriculum composed on theater, dance, music, literature, and writing.

Special Needs

Some students don’t do well in school around most other children because of having some type of special need. There are schools that specifically cater to those with a special need of some sort. The staff members are especially trained to deal with these disabilities. This include blindness, autism, or other behavioral disorders.

Boarding Schools

There are also boarding schools in the Boston area. Students who attend these schools are typically a long way from home, so they live on campus at the school. For this reason, they are usually single-sex. The main advantage of boarding schools is that students can really get prepared to go off to college and spend time away from their parents.

Country Day

Country day schools are much like boarding schools. They have a strong focus on preparing students to go to college. However, unlike boarding schools, students have to commute to the school everyday since there is no housing provided.

Urban Day

Urban day schools accommodate students from elementary to high schools. Like their name suggests, they’re usually located in urban areas. In a sense, they’re very similar to country day schools since students have to commute on a daily basis.

These are some of the different types of elementary, middle, and private high schools in the Boston area. If you’re looking for an alternative approach to learning, you should consider a Montessori or Waldorf establishment. Special needs schools will also accommodate your child if he or she has a disability of some sort.

Mary-Ellen Catalano is a mother who has considered several educational choices for her child. She writes about Boston special education schools and dating advice.

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