Why Should Have the Data Wiped Out!

Hard drive wipe is not new to us, while the data security awareness doesn’t keep up with this concept. And the public are still wondering how to erase the sensitive data, just cast aside or use free hard drive wipe software is ok enough; or professional hard drive wipe tool should be employed.

How important it is to erase data?

Rapid technological change and the short lifespan of IT assets, has articulated the need to permanently erase the data on retired equipment. The popularity of removable media such as USB drives has grown exponentially resulting in the alarming rise in data leaks through these devices, further heightening the need to properly wipe electronic data via hard drive wipe tool.

Information assets pose a significant risk due to the large volumes of confidential information that is stored on them. Data must be completely erased before IT assets are disposed of, recycled, reused or donated.

What is the consequence of Failure to erase data could result in:

  • Identity theft
  • Federal and/or civil liability
  • Exorbitant fines or lawsuits
  • Irreparable damage to an organization’s reputation
  • Decline in revenue due to bad will and loss of clients
  • Confidential data leaks

How is your data leaked?

Have you thought of the way you deal with your used electronic devices? How do you deal with the electronic storage media like USB stick? Just left it alone or throw them away, and then forget you have ever had such devices. Data leak is right rooting from the carelessly discarded hard drive or USB stick which could contain confidential data such as credit card details, social security numbers, bank details or clients’ information.

How to erase data safely and sustainably with a reliable hard drive wipe tool?

Presently there are three ways to erase data from electronic media: Software overwrite/Degauss/ Physical destruction.

Usually free hard drive wipe software is adopted by large amount of individuals however cannot be used if the media is damaged or is not writeable, unable to carry out data erasing on the locked/hidden sectors and depend on the BIOS/OS to perform the data erasing process. And meanwhile it cannot achieve the data erasing compliance appointed by government or organization

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