Tips to Stop Friends Drink Driving

Drink driving is incredibly dangerous, and what makes it really serious is the fact that it’s not just serious for you, but also for everyone else. If you drink drive you are putting your life at risk, the lives of any passengers at risk, and the lives of everyone in the neighbourhood in jeopardy. But while we all know this sober, part of the problem is that we often don’t know it when we’re drunk and this is the whole danger of drinking in the first place – it takes away from your common sense and stops you from seeing things clearly. In moderation it’s a lot of fun and great social lubricant and it can even be good for your blood pressure, but in larger quantities it can lead you to do stupid and dangerous things and risk your life.

There are various ways that you can prevent yourself from drink driving, and if you know you are prone to doing it you can simply avoid taking your car, or you can take only enough money for one drink. But when it comes to your friends it’s not so easy and we often find ourselves in that very awkward position where they are getting into their cars drunk and we feel like we’re the only ones who can stop them. So what do you do to prevent your friends from driving under the influence? Here we will look at some ways you can keep them safe and keep them off the road when they’re drinking.

Get Them to Stop

Remember that part of the reason we drink drive in the first place is often that we have lost our good judgement and often this comes from having had too much to drink. So the obvious solution then is to avoid this situation by preventing our friends from getting to that point in the first place. This can also prevent a range of other problems by preventing them from making themselves very ill, and from keeping them out of trouble. You might seem like the wettest guy or girl in the room when you say ‘don’t you think you’ve had enough?’ – but you’ll also potentially save their lives and some day they will thank you.

Offer an Alternative

At the same time you will find that many people drive because they don’t have any other way to get home and they think that it won’t matter to give it a go just a mile down the road. Of course you know better, but it’s possible to see their point when it’s tipping it down and they have to walk alone in the dark otherwise – which is also dangerous. So be a good friend and if you’re sober offer to drive them back, or invite them over even. Likewise you can call them a cab and when it arrives they’ll likely take this easy option back. Of course if you know they’re prone to this behaviour you can even prevent it from arising in the first place by offering to drive them there in the first place so they don’t have their car.

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