Oral B Pulsonic 500 Review

The Oral-B Pulsonic Sonic Toothbrush Review
Oral B is the number one recommended products by dentists worldwide. It produces a wide range of oral health care products that promise to deliver results. One of the most well known products of Oral-B is the electric toothbrush. Oral-B electric toothbrushes offer better performance compared with regular manual toothbrushes.

One of the well-performing oral b electric toothbrush under the electric toothbrush line is the Oral-B Pulsonic. This is Oral-B’s slimmest and lightest sonic toothbrush ever produced. It is light in the hands and very quite during usage. But despite this, it still performs at its best, much like its heavier counterparts.

The Oral-B Pulsonic uses sonic technology for a smart deep clean. With this technology, more than thousands and thousands of vibrations per minute are sent out to drive the brush head’s bristles to penetrate in between teeth and promote teeth whitening. The brush head has thin Precision bristles that polish stain and plaque from the surface, giving the teeth naturally whiter appearance. In just two weeks, expect brighter teeth, with up to 94% stain removal.

To promote better brushing habits, the Oral-B Pulsonic has a professional timer. This timer is set to two minutes with 30-second intervals. With this, you can easily time yourself while brushing, making it easy for you to follow the amount of time for brushing that is recommended by dentists. The intervals encourages focused brushing and cleaning on the different sections of the mouth. This assures that you always get complete whole-mouth cleaning.

The Oral-B Pulsonic also offers customizability in brushing as in provides two customized brushing modes, that is, Clean and Sensitive modes. Using the Clean mode, plaque is effectively removed and the teeth and gums are deeply cleaned for a completely clean mouth. Using the Sensitive mode, sensitive teeth, gums, and other areas are well taken care of, with just enough gentle brushing. There is no need to worry about bleeding caused by sensitivity.

Because of its slim design, the Oral-B Pulsonic has a set of exclusive brush heads that are compatible with it.

1. The Oral-B Pulsonic brush head, which contours the teeth to provide effective and deep clean while still being gentle on teeth and gums.

2. The Oral-B Precision Tip brush head, which deeply cleans between teeth and in hard-to-reach areas in the mouth. (This is actually where stains begin.) This brush head is also ideal for cleaning and removing plaque around dental work with its Interspace design.

The Oral-B Pulsonic electric toothbrush package includes a gray/white color-combination handle; two Oral-B brush heads, i.e., Oral-B Pulsonic and Oral-B Precision Tip; a charger with stand; and a rechargeable battery. During charging, the charge indicator will show when the battery is already fully charged. Battery life is two weeks without recharging. And because the battery is rechargeable, there is no need to constantly buy new pairs of batteries, thus the savings you get.

Warranty for the Oral-B Pulsonic is for replacement or repair. Just send the defective product, together with the proof of purchase or receipt. Further instructions on request for repair or replacement are included in the product package.


If you would like to purchase an Oral b electric toothbrush just visit the links to see coupons and reviews of the oral b toothbrush. One of the more popular models is the Oral b triumph 4000, you can visit that link to see a full review.

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