Tahiti’s Breeze Launches Mental Health and Wellness Solutions for Youth on IFundWomen

(1888PressRelease) Tahiti’s Breeze has launched a rewards crowdfunding campaign on IFundwomen. The company’s mission is to help the youth mental-health crisis and promote wellness through surfing, adventure water sports, and nature. Adventure sports have proven to create more peace, healing, and confidence, according to recent studies.

Tahiti’s Breeze just launched its crowdfunding and reward campaign – Stoked 4 Wellness and Youth Surf. The company is developing tropical, adventure pool resort parks that are several acres in tropical deserts, starting with the Dallas area. It will feature surfing for youth, among other adventures. You can find the campaign on IFundWomen (https://ifundwomen.com/projects/stoked-4-tropical-wellness-youth-surf).

The mission of Tahiti’s Breeze is to create mind, body, and spirit wellness through nature, clean water, and adventure water sports. The company will offer adventure watersport classes, such as surfing, flyboarding, swimming, wakeboarding, and more. Youth surfing will be a major focus because it provides the opportunity for the greatest transformation. Tahiti’s Breeze will actively recruit in Black and underserved communities for equal access to the sport.

The company will use ocean-wave technology to create authentic waves for surfing and a smart filtration system that prevents microorganisms in the water which cause illnesses. The company will also offer assistance for youth who cannot access the sport otherwise.

In addition to youth sports, Tahiti’s Breeze plans to benefit communities in five ways:

1. Rejuvenated wellness and mental health
2. A convenient exotic getaway
3. An inexpensive tropical staycation
4. Smart filtration to prevent water contamination
5. Keeps the public safe from water predators

Why Does Surfing Matter?

Studies have shown that participating in surfing and other adventure watersports has proven to increase confidence and personal growth. They give us a chance to step outside of our boundaries. In addition, these sports provide great exercise, peace, and tranquility, according to Insider.

“Adventure sports are not just fun, they can contribute to a healthy lifestyle through exercise, positive feelings, personal development, and reaching new personal goals. These sports enable people to reach beyond their comfort zone and accomplish what they may have initially thought impossible,” said company CEO, Lynn Ware.

Surfing and other adventure water sports have a positive domino effect on the lives of youths in other unrelated areas. In surfing study results, most kids thrived through learning how to surf:
• Felt like they could do anything
• Wanted to become leaders
• Increased their GPA
• Got along better with family and friends

A Wellness and Mental Health Experience

According to American Psychological Association, we have a youth mental health crisis. There is a 40% increase in feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, sadness, and thoughts of suicide among youth. Besides adventure sports, Tahiti’s Breeze will surround itself with nature. Palm trees, tropical vegetation, and turquoise blue water will be common at the resort park. Psychology studies have concluded that blue water and nature elicit feelings of comfort and serenity. These are essential for relaxation, rejuvenation, and improved health. The park will be an exotic, tropical oasis in the middle of a tropical desert. Tahiti’s Breeze will also offer wellness classes, such as yoga, meditation, and Tai Chi. Visitors can take one of these classes or just kick back and listen to the sounds of nature in their cabana. This is greatly needed with the mental health crisis in society today.

Community Impact
Tahiti’s Breeze plans to impact the community. Ware says, “It will bring wellness awareness; be convenient; safe; affordable; create many jobs; partner with local businesses; initiate local events; help with volunteering; and donate to local causes.”

Tahiti’s Breeze is offering rewards as a thank-you for supporting the campaign. Ware says, “One of the most valuable rewards is The Secrets of Staying Healthy article. Here you can learn simple and miraculous proven practices to stay healthy and heal illnesses. These practices, though typically not considered for wellness, will have proven, astonishing results, and have healed even the most aggressive illnesses without physicians, prescriptions, or money. Visit Tahiti’s Breeze’s IFundWomen (https://ifundwomen.com/projects/stoked-4-tropical-wellnes…) campaign for more information.

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