New Gastrorejuvenator Stress Mood Formula Restores General Overall Well Being

(1888PressRelease) New product launch through crowdfunding campaign which is in prelaunch phase.

Sheridan, WY – Newbasstone, Inc., the people who create Nitewalker Bass Guitar Tube Preamps, a Bass Guitar Tube Preamp that presents a clearer tone with less distortion than other bass effects.

People who have a problem with gut health and stress, will / can now regain their normal state of general overall well-being from a new proprietary all natural herbal formulation by signing up at Please wait until the actual crowdfunding campaign is launched to receive the product! Sign up for a HUGE discount!

Other advantages of Gastrorejuvenator/Stress/Mood Formula are:
Release from feelings of Anxiety
Release from feelings of Burnout
Release from feelings of Depression

Gastrorejuvenator/Stress/Mood Formula will carry an estimated suggested retail price of $19.95. The way this new product works is very simple, according to the information we’ve been provided:
o Take two capsules daily, one at breakfast, one at dinner.
o Results will be seen in 3 to 6 weeks
o No side effects
o 100 % effective
o No need to keep taking them after you’ve regained your normal state of general overall well-being

“Your window to strength from within,” said Clark Clifford, CEO for Newbasstone, Inc.

Newbasstone, Inc. was founded by Clifford W Latshaw (Latshaw) in 2006. Latshaw graduated from Berklee College of Music in 1979 with a major in professional music. Electric cello and bass guitar were the instruments that he studied at Berklee. Latshaw was a member of the Little Boys Choir at the Pennsylvania Conservatory of Music in Warren, Pa. at the age of 8, and began studying cello at the age of 10. He joined a rock band at the age of 13, and by the age of 15 had played at a College Sorority Formal and several High School Dances. Latshaw decided that the bass amplifiers that were available at the time were inferior and quit his rock band in order to continue with his academic studies. One of the first amplifiers that he owned was from the 1950s, called a “Bass Tone”, and it had a good tone at low volumes. However, it distorted at higher volumes required for playing larger venues. None of the new amplifiers at the time produced a good tone in comparison to the Bass Tone Amplifier at any volume. Latshaw continued search for a modern amplifier, but he was never, to this day, able to find one that compared to the Bass Tone Amplifier.

In the 1990s Latshaw was experimenting with tube preamp circuits and found a circuit that created a good tone that reminded him of the tone he was used to with his Bass Tone Amplifier. The circuit used capacitors from an old Conn church organ, and he later found that these were of the “paper in oil” type of capacitor. After much searching he found that these capacitors had been discontinued, but there was a source in Russia for finding some that had been made in the 1970s for the Russian Military. He also found that several companies made modern paper in oil capacitors that cost way too much money to be used in any commercial bass guitar tube preamp. He decided to launch his company in 2006 using the Russian Military Surplus paper in oil capacitors, as a way to share with other musicians his new discovery. He also provided a DIY manual for building bass guitar tube preamps for a very low price out of pocket.

Newbasstone, Inc. has exhibited at several trade shows over the years, including the NAMM Show, The Nashville Amp Expo, and the Amp Show in LA, CA. Latshaw supports his company through work in the construction industry, which is sometimes helped along with sales of preamps and DIY manuals. He began working in the construction industry at the age of 45, and soon after beginning he suffered from digestive issues. The doctors he visited had no effective solutions, and over the counter remedies were equally ineffective. However, one day he found a product called “Stress Formula B50” by Twinlabs which, after 3 weeks of use, was 100% effective. That product was taken off the market several years later, and Latshaw searched for another product with the same ingredients. He found GNC’s “Mood Formula”, which had exactly the same ingredients, but it was soon after also removed from the market. For the past approximately 15 years Latshaw has been searching for a product containing these ingredients, and even tried on several occasions to make a formula himself which contained these ingredients. One of the ingredients was never available until a few months ago. When he found the ingredient he made the formula again, and this time it was effective. He had been suffering with a stomach malady for over a year, and it was 100% cured in 3 to 4 weeks time by taking the formula twice a day.

Presently, Newbasstone, Inc. is entering the nutritional supplement industry with this herbal formula and expanding the product line at the company. This past week he attended SupplySide West in Las Vegas.

When the product is released through the crowdfunding campaign it should not be used to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. Always consult a doctor when feeling ill and before using this all natural herbal product.

To reach Newbasstone, Inc. you can call (307) 291 0926, write to them at 30 N Gould St., #37043, Sheridan, WY 82801 or visit their website :

Clifford Latshaw
PH: 307 291 0926
Fax: 815 461 2604
relief ( @ ) gastrorejuvenator dot com

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