Does The Flex Belt Work And Will It Work For You?

In these days where obesity appears to be the norm in many sections of society, those people looking to improve their appearance by losing weight around the abdomen will be searching for an answer and the flex belt could be that answer.

If you don’t know what the flex belt is or what it might do for you then read on. This article will explore the flex belt, touch on some flex belt reviews and ask does the flex belt work?

First off, what are you looking to achieve? This abs contour belt appears to cater best for those who already have some tone around the abdominals. It does work for those of us who are carrying a bit more weight in that area than we would like, it just takes longer.

One of the main benefits of the belt is the saving in time and effort. Whilst gym membership is soaring, little is known about how many of those members actually attend on a weekly basis and continue to do so over many months. It is no secret that having paid a hefty gym fee up front and on a continuing basis under contract, many individuals just cannot keep it up. Life gets in the way and all those best laid plans come to nothing. The money has already been spent and in some contracts continues to be spent until the proper contractual notice can be given.

The flex belt on the other hand is there at your home, waiting to be worn while you do the ironing or watch the TV. There is an upfront cost, and some reviews dwell on the expense but compared with the gym membership, there really is no comparison.

This belt works by a process developed by the manufacturers who have a long history in the medical instrument field, by the use of electric muscle stimulation. The belt with three gel pads is worn around the middle and those electric impulses send messages to the muscles causing them to constrict and relax, not unlike a stomach crunch but a lot less painful and with a lot less effort. The muscles worked include the obliques and the lower back for all round toning.

Users report that the sensation takes some getting used to but once the body adapts, the intensity levels can be increased slowly allowing more of a “work out”.

The answer to the question does flex belt work is mainly in the affirmative. There are a lot of ordinary people using it and its adherents include many sporting personalities. It does appear to work but it will take time. If you already have the body of an Adonis, you may find that this abs contour belt tops it up and maintains it but for us lesser mortals we have to accept that the process may require some additional help. That should include increased activity rates, boosting the cardio system and improved healthy eating patterns.

It is a fact of life but nothing worth achieving comes without a price and the flex belt is no exception. You need to use it consistently for at least six weeks, but given the effort involved that should not be too much of a hardship. It has to beat paying for a gym membership you never use.

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