You Carrying the wife is equal to the Internet is cheating

But I said to her daughter, go to the next point of TV your mother see, your mother has “Chinese Shi blind date”, “China’s Shi marriage” and “China Shi divorce” are read, and I look to the Internet, there is no “Chinese-style married!”

I put my briefcase, briefcase filled with notebooks, pants pocket filled dormitory key, approaching the door of the school district, the rolling door is naturally open.Porter men know me jeri blog, and every time I say hello renowned. I entered, he said, to work. I go out, he said, got off work. I always very kind to him when the nod.

I thought, is not installed a network at home, dorm room every day to run too much trouble, but the thought of if loaded network, and her daughter look like a small insect on the Internet is not lying down, in high school, and better thanjunior high school, do not mind a little bit, the results will plummet, I forget, or trouble spots.

Moreover, Internet access at home, hiding in the dormitory where there is Internet access, free fun. Internet access at home, and who to chat, but also to accept his wife’s inspection and supervision. Occasionally other little girl obviously talk to me, and I play a greeting, I did not return, but that little icon below to flash a few ambiguous, my wife found out I still have to explain quite a while.

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