Fuyan Pill Treats Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and Its Complications in Three Months

Pelvic inflammatory Disease is a common gynecological disease which may cause several complications. Pelvic inflammatory disease itself is not difficult to be treated, however, the complications of pelvic inflammatory disease can seldom be cured along with this condition.
How does Fuyan Pill work on pelvic inflammatory disease and its complications?

1. Fuyan Pill can promote circulation of blood and Qi. According to ancient TCM conception, poor Qi circulation is always relative with pain. When Qi is circulating well, pain reduces and diminishes; when blood circulation gets better, the body’s self-healing gets more powerful.

2.Fuyan Pill with the effect of clearing away heat and toxic material, and invigorating the circulation of blood and Qi, can open and clear fallopian tubes, and eliminate the adhesions in the pelvic cavity.

3 The formula of “Fuyan Pill” contains many hrebs such as Chinese yam, Ginseng and Angelica which can invigorate the vital energy and nourishing the blood. Ancient Chinese herbalist found that irregular menses and excessive vaginal fluid are caused by the insufficiency of the spleen.

4 Fuyan Pill is capable of clearing away heat and toxic material. Gonococcus, mycoplasma, chlamydia, and a variety of bacteria, viruses are found by western people, which are regarded as “toxic materials” by ancient Chinese doctors. The herbs to clear away heat and toxic material are similar to broad spectrum antibacterials. Thus Fuyan Pill is capable of killing bacteria.

5 Fuyan Pill can dissolve stasis, treat fibrosis and dissipate hard lumps. Complications of PID such as tubal blockage, hydrosalpinx, endometritis, etc. can all be treated as well.

By all these means, pelvic inflammatory disease and its complications can be treated in three to four months. As this is a natural herbal medicine, it has no side effect, and on the contrary, it can preserve the body.

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