Colocation Services In India – A Boon To The Business Houses

In a global business environment with technology playing a major role, it is quite natural that every organization wants the best to beat against the competitive world. The challenges such as costs, limited resources and turnaround times place hurdles in the way of increased IT operations. Though there is an inherent need to have total control of every aspect of the business resources, it may not always be possible for the company to invest more in the operations and legacy management instead of focusing on the core strategies of the business.

Server colocation service comes in rescue to these organizations and provides them with the much coveted IT agility and flexibility. Besides control over the business resources and data, the organizations also get a neutral and scalable carrier infrastructure in different configurations in the data centers in Mumbai or any other Indian city. Collocation servers are the actual web servers, which are placed in data centers of any web hosting company. The infrastructure is placed in the data centers to be utilized as collocation services delivered by the data centers.

Large business conglomerates or corporate houses with a global network need to have a reliable and controlled web based transaction. Such organizations purchase a server configuration from the colocation service providers according to their business needs. The server then totally belongs to a user and the data center provides a 24/7 support for power and utilities. Since these servers cannot be monitored round the clock by the owners, the servers are so designed to deliver availability of data; security and disaster recovery plans to most of the large business houses. The dedicated hosting India is exclusively for one organization. Completely devoted to the organization with a total access to the server, they provide the flexibility of choosing the operating system, server configuration and customizing other server requirements.

On payment of a rack space and bandwidth usage, it is easy to collocate a web server in any of the data centers in India. With the unique IP address provided, a number of websites can be hosted on the collocated servers. The collocation team takes care of the monitoring, management, network connectivity and security of the server. This flexibility and reliability of the collocation services allows for the client organization to concentrate on core business strategies. The colocation services in India allow the clients not only to own the personal server, located in racks in a high-end data centre but also allows for customizing the storage and backup procedures, complete control over the web server including provision of technical assistance.

The colocation services India offer a great bandwidth capacity with an increased speed of network connectivity. The clients are also able to connect to other Internet providers. With a redundant power supply, advanced cooling solutions, Internet uplinks for the servers and security this is a very cost –effective solution for any business house. Besides these data centers are equipped with high security surveillance and fire detection facilities. The physical access to the data storage is restricted through security codes and access cards. Being generally located in non-seismic zone, these colocation service providers in India ensure a safe environment for the web servers and a value for the money.

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