Best 2020-21 Guide to buy HRIS Software in India

Due to the pandemic and the way it has changed the world of work and impacted the culture immensely; employers are rethinking their HRMS investments. So, if you are also one of those, read this guide from the start till the end so that you know by the end of it how to go about purchasing one of the HRIS software India has so that it can align with your current and future needs. Let’s begin!

What does an HRIS software mean now?

HRIS is abbreviation for Human Resource Information system. It used to be a centralised system that stores and help in managing and tracking the data. Everything from sourcing , onboarding a new hire to the time he exits is executed by or through HRIS software. It is a single destination for all HR related needs of an organisation of any size.

Now, engagement and performance management have also become an integral factor at the time of evaluation when a stakeholder is on a lookout to buy an HRIS software in India. What matters the most is how has the application been made more in accordance with the distributed work model. Read more about it here.

Why is an HRIS important?

It is important and relevant to have because an HRIS software puts a full stop to all the manual work and hence the errors and chaos that comes with it. Now, you do not need to go through files and folders to find a single paper you need. Besides, you can also see reports generated by the system on payroll, attendance and other data in it to show you turnover, attrition, employee happiness and a lot many other factors so that you can take actions to correct them in time.

In current time and beyond, it is even more important because the work model can change and even in future we will see increased flexibility because of which carrying files or desktop to run the HRIS or access files won’t be possible , the more automated and mobile things are, the better.

What are the benefits of an HRIS now and beyond?

The benefits that HRIS software in India has offered in the past and now are countless. But, some of the benefits that have been experienced by every industry business are as follows-

Improved collaboration

The collaboration improved when when employees were working from their respective homes in silos. Features like mobile app, chat, and sharing of documents right from the software helped and all this resulted in increased productivity. Without it people in the pandemic would have found it very difficult to stay in touch using different tools for sharing, chatting, calling and more.

Increases employee experience

Employee experience stands crucial for businesses if they want to thrive and retain their top talent. For the companies who have been using or started using HRIS software in India in pandemic have had less or not trouble in keeping in touch with their employees and elevate the experience of their teams. For instance, employees were able to read announcements, on the software dashboard or get any sensitive update concerning them personally in their inbox. Moreover, they also started using mobile apps of the HRIS to mark attendance form their homes. This has been such a relief for both employees and employers as they have been able to get the attendance data correct for payroll and received their salary on time because of this!

Quicker resolution

Whether working from home or from anywhere else, the resolution to IT related problems or any other work related issues have been given in a timely manner. The helpdesk feature in most of the software gives the chance to set priority as in how urgently do you want the concerned person to look into the issue. This made sure that the work is not hampered at any cost.

Streamlines hiring

Besides keeping you compliant like always, HRIS software India has also ensured that you are able to hire the best while you are managing everything from home. This means that the HR can align interview right from the HR software and even the interviewers can give their feedbacks in the software. There is no need for multiple calls and coordination everything is recorded in the software for the right people to see!

How to select one software from many HRIS software India has?

Choosing the right HR software is essential and difficult as well when you have so many options to choose from. So, here are some tips for you to get the right one.

● Know your organisation and its requirements
● Talk to your team about it so that they are prepared mentally for using tech and can also give suggestions
● Start doing the research to see what vendor fits your budget and requirements
● After that, you must start getting in touch with the HRIS providers you have liked the most
● Evaluate the decision you are making and then get the software after a trial.

Good Luck!

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