The Benefits of Positive Reinforcement To Children

There are many ways parents manage their misbehaving kids. Spanking or corporal punishment used to be the mode of discipline but times have changed. With the kind of attitude kids have today, a spank, slap, or whipping no longer works.

Aside from that, corporal punishment seems to have more of a negative impact on children than good. On the contrary, recognizing the good behavior of children will generally have a positive effect on them. It makes your kids feel good about the decisions they are making, which can be a motivating factor that will reap future rewards for them. At the same time, positive reinforcements can both have short-term and long-term effects on children.

Behavioral Changes

Positive reinforcement can trigger behavioral changes in the child. It brings about changes in the brain chemistry which can have long-term behavioral effects. On the other hand, fear and anxiety results to negative feelings which could potentially affect them for the rest of their lives.

Character Development

Ultimately, people who are driven by excellence tend to keep track of their results more than those who are driven by fear of punishment. Positive reinforcement can boost a person’s drive for success and surpass expectations instead of giving the minimal effort needed to prevent punishment. Children who receive incentives and rewards will make the child understand that their actions will result to positive consequences. In the long run, they will develop a sense of responsibility.

Emotional Strength

When children feel good about themselves as well as their decision-making ability, it will boost their self-esteem. They will not feel discouraged that they will commit a mistake and fail. Positive reinforcement enhances the child’s confidence in themselves and in their accomplishments.

On the other hand, a child who grew up with fear of punishment may have some inferiority complex which can result to wrong decisions just to avoid pain.

Knowing What Motivates Your Child

Keeping kids motivated is important but not all children are driven by positive reinforcements. A positive reaction should result to the desired outcome. People are not motivated by the same rewards. Monetary rewards might be an effective motivator to some people but not to a toddler.

Likewise, affirmations may encourage an individual but it might not have the same effect on another. So as a parent, you need to find out the motivating force behind your child’s actions.

Kinds of Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement comes in various forms. It usually involves a tangible object such as a toy, money or food. Some kids can also get motivated by words of affirmation such as “Well done” or “Thanks for the help.” These words can give the child encouragement to repeat the action.

Positive reinforcements do not only benefit your child but also you as a parent. With positive reinforcement, you can have some quality time with your kids. At the same time, focusing on the positive behavior instead of punishing your child for the wrong action can also help build their confidence and boost your parenting skills.

Overall, being a parent is a real challenge especially when it comes to discipline. Using punishment may not bring about the results you desire for your kids. Positive reinforcement, on the other hand, can make your child more responsible and confident about themselves.

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