How to maintain health during Travel

Travel health checkup is one of the most important preventive measures to be taken before going on a journey. The travel health consists of a thorough check up of your body. It helps in finding any problems that could cause any medical emergency during your journey. A proper treatment prior to your trip helps you to avoid any medical causality.

Travelling to different climates and areas may create a risk of getting prone to the diseases common in those areas. One must visit their doctor about two to three weeks prior to their departure. Providing complete information like the destination, mode of travel and the duration will help the doctor to give appropriate treatment.


Your early meeting with the doctor would help you take any prescribed vaccinations. As some vaccines start their work slowly it’s good to take them beforehand so that they become effective by the time you embark on your journey. The vaccinations help to increase the immunity level of your body and prevent it from getting infected by any viruses. They also help in avoiding any medical illness and minimizing the chances of a medical emergency during your trip.

Preventive Measures for Travel Health:

Following are some of the health tips one should undertake while on journey:

• Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration in hot climates

• Make use of high factor sunscreens while going out

• Avoid taking a sun bath during mid-day

• Avoid wearing tight clothes on a long journey

• Take proper precautions while eating food and drinking water

• Carry a small medical kit with all the essential medicines you take on a regular basis

• Carry out some stretching exercise to relax your muscles

• Walk around for some time on long flights

• Avoid drinking too much alcohol while on flight

• Consult your doctor if you are pregnant or have given birth just a few months ago

• If you are a heart patient always consult your doctor before venturing on any long journey

• Always carry a doctor’s letter and prescriptions if any

• Take ample sleep

Health and Travel:

A healthy body is always perfect for any journey. Having a proper, timely and nutritional diet keeps you healthy. Try avoiding all unhygienic food full of fats and cholesterol. Also avoid drinking alcohol and smoking which decreases the immunity level of the body. This may increase the risk of getting infected with various diseases. A habit of regular exercise helps you to be energetic and avoid any stress. You can also try meditation to relieve yourself from stress if any. It also helps you to regain energy.

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