Network Marketing: The 6 Step System for Industry Success

Today, more than ever, people are disturbed about their future and what it holds in-store for them. The economy, unemployment, fears of inflation, the housing industry, the stock market, and more all seem to have no positive perspective for the future. Each day the news stations across every media channel report about doom and gloom in every corner of our world, with one exception – “Network Marketing”.

Recession Proof Job – Network Marketing

Recently, Network Marketing has been getting a lot of honorable press and rightly so. Network Marketing is the one sector of the economy that seems to be maturing by leaps and bounds and appears to have no limitations in its future growth. No wonder more and more people are looking at Network Marketing as a source of a second income for themselves and their families.

Now may be the time for you to also begin thinking about finding a good network marketing company and initiating a business of your own. Whether you are looking to increase your current income with a part-time business or you’re ready to charge head first into network marketing full time, now is the best time ever to get started. However, before you do I would like to share with you what I consider to be the one most important resolve you need to make in considering what Network Marketing company you decide to promote.

There are many different Network Marketing companies that are all available and willinghearted to have you come on-board as their next “Independent Marketing Representative”. But, before you jump in and signon with a MLM company consider their industry. That’s right, I want you to think of what industry they represent because this will have an affecting impact on how successful you can become with your new business venture.

Industry Selection – A 6 Step Plan

Network Marketing spans the spectrum of industries from health & beauty, to diet & weight loss, to gold bullion and gold coins, to financial planning and debt management, the list of industries goes on and on. You think of an trade, and chances are there is a Network Marketing company that represents it.

So how do you select the accurate industry for your Network Marketing Endeavor? Let me share my 6 Step Strategy for selecting the right Network Marketing Company;

#1 – Assess your strengths and weaknesses from an neutral perspective.
Be impartial with yourself and don’t let any emotions play into your self-assessment. Remember you want to have knowledge of as much about yourself as possible so you can choose an industry that is complimented by your knowledge, training, experience and background. Also consider your mental capabilities and physical characteristics during this step. Determine your comfort zone in such areas as public speaking, one to one conversations, cold calling, and leadership skills. Create a check list of each area that you evaluate yourself in and create a rating system to assess your skill and comfort level. In my opinion, this is the most important step. You must be direct with yourself and in your assessment of yourself; otherwise, the choices you make in the next 4 Steps will be unsound and will just set you up for failure.

#2 – What industries match your personality, skills, and traits?
Come up with 3 – 5 industries that are your best match. You want to evaluate your skill set and match it to the industry that allows you to leverage the knowledge that you have already acquired. Taking this matching procedure will reduce the learning curve and also provide you with the belief in oneself you need to discuss your business and what it represents. Remember your physical and mental characteristics too. Obviously, if you are not the embodiment of physical health then trying to promote health and fitness products would not be recommended, so you could rule out the Health & Fitness Industry from your list.

#3 – What are the industry growth prospects over the next 3 – 5 years.
Pick up a newspaper, study the headlines and get up to speed on the economy and the world around you. Now is the time to dig deep into the industries you have chosen to fixate your attention on. Which industry has the greatest capability for growth and thus would be the easiest and wisest industry to champion should shake out of this step. This step may take you the longest and require the most research, listen to what the world and financial analysts have to say also look and the industry and how it is doing now. For example, the Health, Fitness and Beauty industry is a $270 Billion dollar industry and with concerns of an obesity epidemic across the U.S., this industry is determined for huge future growth. Before completing this step you should know which industry you are going to convene the remaining steps of your research and exploration on.

#4 – Short list of the Network Marketing companies that are within your chosen industry.
Create a short list of companies that denote products and/or services from your preferred industry. The purpose of this step is to perform a high level review of what companies are accessible in the industries that you have chosen. You can find information about available Network Marketing companies by researching over the internet. Also, a few sites we have found helpful are and which can provide you with acceptable information to start your research. Remember to reduce your research down to only those Network Marketing companies that serve your chosen industry.

#5 – Research the Best Company for You!
Use your short list of Network Marketing companies from Step #4 – study and dig deeper into what each company offers. Visit each company’s website and research their products, services, training, and tools. Research the company leaders and their backgrounds and what qualifications and sophistication they have for running an MLM company. Research the compensation plan and how you will make money with the company. Research the people that are part of this company. Reach out to several of their representative (these are people that have already enrolled in the company’s business opportunity) and ask them to give out with you why you should join their company. This is also a great time to introduce yourself to those people that will one day become your upline.

#6 – Select your company.
Now, it’s time to determine your company. The moment of truth is at hand, if you have done all of your due diligence then this step should be the easiest, as by now, you should be feeling pretty mightily towards one company, their products/services, and your future upline family.


It’s not easy starting a new business and just because you have decided to go into Network marketing does not mean that it makes it any easier. Look at the statistics, nearly 97% of the individuals that start out in Network Marketing will fail. However, if you follow the steps given in summary here, do your due diligence in the beginning and approach Network Marketing just like you would begin any other business endeavor your odds of success will significantly increase.

Read this article before trying to determine the right Network Marketing Industry for you. Other good tools for your MLM Business can be found here on the MLM-ToolBox website.

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