Start a Social Campaign to Address a Social Issue

A campaign is a series of planned activities that are intended to achieve a particular social, commercial or political aim. Campaigns are usually done to support something. Campaigning helps to hog limelight easily. This in turn works for the purpose of marketing. However some advertising campaign some time resort to gimmicks or publicity stunts in order to draw attention of the public towards their campaign. But on the other hand there are a lot of famous people campaigning for various social issues to make the public more aware about them.

The purpose of a social campaign is to change the behavior of people and create awareness on some issues. The purpose of these campaigns is to guide people to a good choice in their lives. The social content advertising is increasing its presence today. These messages are the best reflection of a complicated social structure, which aims not only promote the consumption of this or that product, if not encourage the reproduction of the entire social structure.

In search of social welfare, most social campaign is financed by the government. If advertising has an influence on society, it must be raised in what way and where does the driving. In this context, one can speak of responsible advertising, given that it is neither good nor bad in itself, but may cause a positive or negative effect on society, depending on how you use Its main feature is to intervene in society to produce a good at this, Social advertising is a communication tool designed to promote the exchange of ideas and attitudes in social groups. The strategy for social good construct clear messages is crucial, accurate information. These public actions achieve the great sensitivity to the problems of society. is an online platform where different social campaigns have been started by several social activists. Isha Gupta, a Halabol team member has started a social campaign on to save paper. The main purpose of this social campaign is to save paper wherever we can in our day to day lives, to flag instances when we see people throwing away a bundle of sheets with only a line printed on them or when we see people printing for purposes such as invitations, editing, documenting, etc where electronic media can easily be used more effectively.

For various printing purposes almost all kinds of organizations use up thousands of sheets of paper every year. Uses vary from advertisement to notification to invitations. But the question arises: Is there really that big a need to use up so much paper for these purposes? The answer is no. All of the purposes above can be fulfilled with the help of electronic media such as e-mail, blogs and even text messaging. These methods are not only helping save paper, but are much more efficient as well. Each sheet of paper saved can make a difference. Are you tired of seeing blank pieces of paper thrown away because someone printed one line on them? There are many ways to save paper. Everyone is talking about saving trees and “Going Green.” It is about time we ALL did our part.

These types of online social campaign encourage people to do something good for the society. If you want to be a part of these campaigns, then you can support a social campaign you like or you can start a new campaign.

About Author:

Isha Gupta, a member of team Halabol Team . She has written several articles for Halabol on different issues such as; social campaign, animal welfare, education, health, environment, youth affairs and online Petitions.

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