Nokia’s new mobile phones to sell in the U.S. half of the amount

Nokia has just listed soon flagship phone Lumia900, in the U.S. market contract price reduction by half, two-year contract price from $ 99 down to $ 49.99. Nokia has just listed only three months of the new machine, industry insiders believe the move is Nokia the measures taken in response to fierce competition in the market.

U.S. market: 50% off sales for the sales

Nokia spokesman Keith Nowak said last Sunday that the Windows Phone operating system the Lumia900 mobile phone two-year contract price from $ 99 down to $ 49.99. It is understood that Nokia new flagship machine Lumia900, by the telecom operators, AT & T sold in the United States. Novak said the price reduction is part of the product life cycle management initiatives implemented jointly by Nokia and mobile operator customers, and at the same time, Novak said Samsung has also reduced the price of the Galaxy S II. Insiders Li Yang told this reporter that, in accordance with the established practice of the mobile phone manufacturers, the new machines sold well, will have to wait another alternative products listed price deal, because the manufacturers need a new machine to impulse and better performance, Nokia the new Lumia900 of a sale in the United States is last resort, because according to recent market research company Nielsen and comScore’s analysis of data display, the Nokia Window Phone sales in the United States with 500,000 did not

In China: No price cuts

Due Lumia900 is the use of Microsoft’s the wp mobile phone operating system, half-price sales message aroused great interest of the Chinese Mainland consumers, there are many users on the Internet asked whether the Chinese mainland market promotion measures. Reporter yesterday called Nokia stakeholders, the source said, due Lumia900 operators to customize the machine in the United States, therefore, the measures to sell at a discount should be developed by the operators own, the source said, Lumia900 in the mainland of China The market is not price

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