Progonol for estrogen cure

At present most women in the US are choosing topical ointment progesterone creams, called wild yam cream, or others for instance Progonol, Progest and a such as. These types of are generally greatly advertised by simply Dr .. John Lee as well as other substitute medical care experts.

The general use of progesterone lotions is speculated to be a more safe choice compared to estrogen therapy to prevent bone decline. This kind of assert is based on anecdotal proof out of Doctor. Lee. Even so, a newly released scientific research expressed virtually no difference in bone tissue mass within those having progesterone lotion or a placebo. A lotion have, even so, lessen menopausal flashes. (Obstetrics and Gynecology August 1999, Vol 94, No 2, Pages 225-8)

In working with laboratories using saliva checking, we have identified degrees of progesterone throughout thousands of devices on top of common. The idea that this can be organic plus that there are no side-effects via using of these types of ointments is wrong. A lot of the problems of progesterone overdose have headache, extra weight, stress, bloating and depression. A clinician defined the actual symptoms of progesterone overdose getting the same as that from pregnant state.

Stages of progesterone set out to growth in order to extraordinarily great ideals after precisely 15 days of application of the ointments. Difficulties start up little by little, often venturing unknown for months. When the ointment is pulled over it could take for as long as three to six months for progesterone ranges to revisit standard. During this specific occasion symptoms can turn into much worse just before going back to the pre-cream standard.

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