Top 5 Blue Magic 2013 M13 Cards Review

Magic 2013 M13 has been released for a long time. Let’s have a review on the best cards in this core set. Here we are a list of the top 5 blue M13 cards on my eyes. As a whole, Blue gets some interesting tricks to add to its arsenal for a variety of strategies ranging from merfolk aggro, some weird mill-beatdown hybrid that is perfect for multiplayer and a terrifying combo piece.

1. Talrand, Sky Summoner

Talrand, Sky Summoner makes a splash in Magic 2013. It can createa an army of 2/2 flying drake tokens at instant speed. Talrand’s uncommon affiliated card, Talrand’s Invocation, is probably going to be a first pick as well, placing 2 2/2 Drakes on the table for just 4 mana. He will transform your slow blue control builds into fast acting aggro builds without ever sacrificing the control aspects of the deck. Pair him up with red or black options to take out opposing threats and you’ll be riding an army of drakes to victory.

Cost 2UU
Type Legendary Creature – Merfolk Wizard
P/T 2/2
Rarity Rare
Rules Text
Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell, put a 2/2 blue Drake creature token with flying onto the battlefield.

2. Master of Pearl Trident

Master of Pearl Trident is a functional reprint that allows Merfolk to become even more ridiculous than it already is.The islandwalk is incredibly relevant in Legacy where most decks run either Islands or cards that serve as Islands (Underground Sea, Tundra, Volcanic Island, Hallowed Fountain, etc). Master of the Pearl Trident might not have a giant impact on Standard but every other format just got Lord of Atlantis 5-8.

Cost UU
Type Creature – Merfolk
P/T 2/2
Rarity Rare
Rules Text
Other Merfolk you control get 1/ 1 and have islandwalk.

3. Omniscience

Being able to suddenly cast any non-land card for free is absolutely ridiculous.’Your spells are free’ is too magnificent of an ability to get ignored regardless of how expensive it is. This card paired with Show and Tell, Eldrazi and other big reanimation targets allow players to cheat these cards into play and you won’t need to worry casting all of the cards you’ll draw.

Cost 7UUU
Type Enchantment
P/T –
Rules Text Translation
You may cast nonland cards from your hand without paying their mana costs.

4. Jace’s Phantasm

Jace’s Phantasm is a powerful new uncommon blue creature from Magic 2013 Core Set that costs only one blue mana. There is nothing worth to be marvel that one blue for a 1/1 flyer, but this is not an ordinary flying men which can become a large 5/5 threat later in your game. The real power in Jace’s Phantasm lies in the fact that it can easily be played in late game leaving plenty of mana open to react to your opponent by casting creatures with flash, removal, card draw, and counters.

Cost U
Type Creature – Illusion
P/T 1/1
Rarity Uncommon
Rules Text
Jace’s Phantasm gets 4/ 4 as long as an opponent has ten or more cards in his or her graveyard.

5. Courtly Provocateur

A purely political card for multiplayer, Courtly Provocateur completely throws a lot of attacking and blocking out the window. She’s alarmingly fragile, but if you can keep her out of combat you’ll be puppet mastering the whole game.

Cost 2U
Type Creature – Human Wizard
P/T 1/1
Rarity Uncommon
Rules Text
{T}: Target creature attacks this turn if able.
{T}: Target creature blocks this turn if able.


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