Divorce Lawyer Tulsa – Things That Can Be Used Against You During Divorce

Divorce is a very intense process. This is especially true if you and your ex are engaged in a contested child custody battle where both of you are determined to throw each other under the bus in order to ensure that you will be awarded custody of the children.

Because divorce can be so intense, we recommend that you be mindful of ‘appearances’. Keep in mind that if your divorce is contested, then all throughout the divorce process your ex can and probably is spying on you. Make sure that you do not do something during the divorce that can be used against you by your ex to make you look bad to the judge.

To help you better understand what we are saying here, we have written this article. Below in the rest of this article is a list of three things that you could do that could be used against you in the court room. Naturally we recommend that you avoid doing these three things:

Thing Number One: Overnight Visitors Of The Opposite Sex. The majority of divorce courts take the same approach to thing number one – during the divorce neither ex is allowed to have overnight guests of the opposite sex while they are exercising custody of the children.

Thing Number Two: Incriminating Text Messages. During the divorce, anything that you text to your ex or anyone else for that matter can and probably will be used against you.

Thing Number Three: Emails. Again, just like we stated in thing number two, anything that you email to your ex or anyone else for that matter can and probably will be used agaist you.

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