Why Android users will not switch to new iPhone

There is so much hype around upcoming iPhone 5; however, a release date has still not been disclosed. It is quite natural that Apple will again roll out a new model with lots of new features to make its device exclusive, but does this mean Android users will also switch to new iPhone any time soon?

No, it will not happen because possibilities of shift are low. Android developers believe that Android OS has some matchless features that can keep the users attached to it for so long. Here are those features:


Android developers know that Apple is really not the top dog when it comes to hardware. A high-end Android powered device, such as Galaxy Nexus has pretty faster process, twice the RAM, 4G/LTE connectivity and supports for 5GHz 802.11n Wi-Fi. IPhone wins for storage as 64GB iPhones are also available. It also has strong position for display-features but still makes minor difference.

Jelly Bean

Jelly Bean has caught so much attention. Users are impatiently waiting for Android 4.1 or Jelly Bean powered devices. And same is the case with Android app developers. Many believe that new Android OS will be a turning point. It will also help the search giant to fight the battle of being the superior mobile OS of today’s time.

The problem area for Android is that it is used by hundreds of manufacturers. These vendors either delay in updates for the OS or not at all. Google should advice these manufacturers for providing on-time updates so that newer OS does not remain limited to fewer devices as it is still happening.

Open ecosystem

Every developer adores the openness of Android OS. The open ecosystem allows Android developers to tweak the code to have desired performance and productivity. The release of newer iPhone will not be able to affect Android. Apart from this advantage, the open ecosystem of the OS also supports modern programming tools and simplifies the process of Android application development.


Android’s strong point is its diversity. And the world of gadget also likes the same. When choosing an Android powered device, users have a laundry list of options. Just decide a budget, such as $100 onwards, and you are ready to buy an Android powered smartphone. This diversity can never be expected from Apple.

iPhone has lagged behind in smartphone race. With less than 20 percent market share, it appears to be impossible for Apple to defeat Google Android that today powers about 60-70 percent smart phone devices across the world. IPhone can hardly buzz the market. If it is really exclusive then it is because of its noisy fans.

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