Tau Resorts is the center of Puerto Vallarta Attractions

Tau Resorts is being developed on the beach in the very center of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Puerto Vallarta has been a top tourist destination for the last half century. People are consistently travelling to Puerto Vallarta to experience the culture and traditions of this town. There are so many people that are excited about this resort because it is going to be unlike anything else that is available in high end luxury resorts in the area. Tau Resorts is going to have many amenities and it is literally in the middle of all the attractions that people come to Puerto Vallarta to take part in.

Tau Resorts is right down the road from snorkeling and scuba places. It is definitely exciting for people that are interested in touring Puerto Vallarta in new and exciting ways. Tau Resorts is the perfect position from the most well respected snorkeling and scuba adventures. Visitors are interested in snorkeling so that they can see the many exotic fish that are swimming off the shores of Banderas Bay. Scuba diving is even more of an adventure and it is one of the better ways to tour the Puerto Vallarta water. Tau Resorts will be walking distance from so many awesome water activities, guests are going to have a hard time selecting just a few to participate in

Tau Resorts is going to have several restaurants and bars on site. These are only a few of the exquisite culinary adventures that await visitors when they step foot in Puerto Vallarta. There are so many traditional restaurants that can give you an epic taste of what Mexico has to offer. Tau resorts will offer the best restaurants on location but the grounds are the perfect distance to many other culinary delights in the area if guests choose to diversify their palate options. So, if guests are interested in having several different tastes of Mexico it is all possible to complete during their stay at Tau Resorts.

Tau Resorts is going to have so many guests because the resort itself is going to have so many amenities those tourists will love to take part of. The upcoming Tau Resorts is the only resort that has a championship 18-hole golf course on the premises. This is a golfer’s dream. Guests won’t even have to travel off of location to go play a round of golf. Sure there are several other courses in the area that you can venture to, but why not stay at a hotel where you can actually play a round and walk back up to your room to enjoy the rest of your day. Tau Resorts is definitely setting themselves apart from other hotels by adding this outstanding amenity.

Tau Resorts is going to be the resort to stay at when you visit Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. There are so many amenities it is hard to list them in one sitting, and the pictures of the development are immaculate. Tau Resorts is definitely the resort of the year, and people are growing even more excited for the opportunity to stay at this resort.

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  1. Don Saigle says:

    While the concept of Tau is amazing, its reality is some time away! Still very much under construction, it’s official opening continues to be sometime in the future, having already been delayed by at least 1.5 yrs. at this point. Tau Resorts is NOT being developed on the beach in the very center of Puerto Vallarta. It is approx. 45 min. away on the Northern shore of the Bay. While close to the marina in Le Cruz, it’s proxmitiy to other adventures is more of a challenge. The golf course is dependant on the larger development of Nahui by C & C Capital and many years away!

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