When Piercing Belly Bars are Relevant

There are a lot of folks that have piercings on their belly buttons. Thus, it is much easier than before to look for high quality belly jewelry, gold belly bars, gold belly rings and naval bars. If this is something that you would like to try, study up on belly bars first.

Considering the number of options that you have, finding the right bar can be a bit challenging. You have to be critical of everything from the size to the material used when it comes to these belly bars. Read on if you want to learn about the basics of belly bars.

First is the length; the standard length of most belly bars is 5/8. You can actually work with several belly bars if you wish. You might need one that is shorter than the standard 5/8 and if so, you can simply make a request for one that is double threaded.

A double threaded simply has threaded ends. If you have a bar that is double threaded, you can replace the bar every now and then. These kinds of belly bars are common but there are some manufacturers that connect the design piece to the insertion bar.

The thing about belly bars is that they come in different styles and different materials at that so be careful. For those that prefer the gold bars, anything about 14k or higher is ideal. Bars made out of gold are not only strong but safe as well.

According to most body jewelry experts, bioplast is the best material for first time belly button piercing. Aside from its durability, natural healing can be assisted by bioplast. When it comes to this material, it helps prevent infections.

If you will use it on the navel, stainless steel bars are great as well. While this metal uses hypoallergenic alloy, there are several other metals added to make it more resistant to rusting and corrosion, although these don’t have any adverse effects on the quality of the belly button jewelry. People prone to allergies should go with the bioplast ones.

You should think about titanium belly rings if you wish for something that is not as heavy. The titanium is also good if you are extremely sensitive. The reason behind this is that the material is a pure metal.

You will have lots of color choices with belly bars but see to it that you skip red or black. Do avoid these colors as you can end up with a supposed-to-be stainless steel bar that has simply been plated in another type of material. What you have here are bars that can be unsafe.

With the increasing popularity of body piercing, buyers should be more cautious and watchful in what they are buying. Do not be scared to ask many questions. Especially when it comes to titanium body jewellery, if you are faced with a seller that cannot answer your questions, leave.

If you’re interested in getting some good and reliable tips on how to get info about piercing belly bars, you can check this out for more information.

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